The Rise of Generative AI in Education

The Rise of Generative AI in Education

The term generative artificial intelligence (AI) refers to algorithms (such as ChatGPT) that can be used to generate new content like as audio, code, images, text, simulations, and movies. Recent advancements in the sector have the potential to radically alter how we approach content development. Machine learning encompasses generative AI systems, and here's how one such system, ChatGPT, characterizes what it can do. Are you ready to push your creativity to the next level? 

Take a look at generative AI! This innovative type of machine learning enables computers to generate a wide range of fresh and intriguing content, from music and art to complete virtual worlds. This is innovative and readdresses the limits of human creativity altogether. The question is whether these AI tools and models threaten the existence of creative pursuits or will equip us in this pursuit for better outputs in their work. This aspect of Artificial intelligence is very critical to the education industry at large. 

And it's not only for entertainment; generative AI has many practical applications, such as producing new product designs and streamlining corporate processes. It becomes more intelligent with each passing year, accumulating skills that can progressively compete with those of humans in writing, art, and problem-solving. Chat GPT is the most recent AI to make headlines for its extraordinary ability to mimic human writing. It has been demonstrated that it is capable of producing high-quality essays, poetry, stories, and articles. So, could this technology endanger our current educational systems?

However, while this technology can perform many of the tasks that a student can, it cannot perform all of them. Most university-level essays include questions that draw on specific course content. Chat GPT uses the Internet as a whole rather than course materials, therefore unless the question is highly focused, it is likely to overlook essential topics. It also has issues with citations and is prone to misattributing or inventing information in order to match the structure it is attempting to emulate.

Perhaps most importantly, it lacks the high-level insight expected of university students. However, this does not render Chat GPT ineffective. Some educational specialists have advocated for the use of technology in the classroom. Students might be entrusted with analyzing the paper after the AI-generated it, looking for weak points in the argument and revising erroneous or badly constructed sections. Normally, students would be required to compose their own work before engaging in this type of editing exercise. Students would be able to work on their higher-level writing skills without having to worry about spelling and grammar.

This has allowed students to acquire extra soft skills to overcome their academic challenges. This method worked far better for certain students than for others. Having the ability to think and reflect was significantly more difficult if you had physical (fine or gross motor abilities), language, communication, or vision impairments. Our current systems continue to be inequitable and exclusive. Some pupils benefit more than others from written tests. We must consider if it is time to abandon the traditional technique of sitting in an exam hall with pupils all writing within a defined time limit.  The reason why this is done since it allows for the delivery of bulk assessments. We can also compare pieces of work using a marking matrix. To evade these challenges with ease, our education system needs to reboot its examination, testing, and assessment approaches in order to coexist with generative AI.

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