National Seminar on Local History Writing (04/March/2024 to 05/March/2024)

It brings me immense joy to announce that that Sanjeev Agrawal Global Educational (SAGE) University, Bhopal, Itihas Sankalan Samiti, Madhya Kshetra and Sanchi University of Indic Studies jointly organizing 2-days National Seminar on “Local History Writing (Special reference to the central region)”, to be held on 4th -5th March, 2024.

This seminar promises to offer invaluable exposure to all participants, encompassing esteemed faculty, dedicated researchers and eager students.

Local history, history of districts has to be written with due perspective by keeping India's self-respect at the center. From our point of view, history is not a quantity of data collection, chronology or description of the past. History is a way of living life in the light of Dharm, Arth, Kam, Moksha, where we say that history should be read in the morning because the future is created by it. The society that forgets its history, the future is also not bright.

Our history is scattered in the villages, which has to be compiled. The regional history included in the flow of our traditions is found in temples, monasteries, step wells, wells, folk music, and tradition of painters, fairs, turbans, costumes, folk make-up and characters of great men. India's Manisha, Chaitanya is in the culture of India. We have to know what the vermilion; Bindi of Mother India is saying, what history the mother's lullaby, songs and music are telling. When we collect the history of the districts of the central region, we have to write the real glorious history in the spirit of “नामूलं लिख्यते किंचित” in the perspective of the consciousness of Indian folk culture. In which the tradition here, what are the songs of the mother planting paddy in the field, it is very important to be compiled before they become extinct, otherwise to understand them we will again start going to the libraries of London, Oxford and Delhi where the colonial mentality we will gain knowledge even though this evidence is directly available to us.

We are local people; we are identified with the language, people and culture. We can write real history. Should we be dependent on people like Fa-hien, Vernier, Aristobulus, Marcopolo, who did not know the local language? How much would they have understood us? The statements of our ancestors are proved by history; the history of our traditions has been called conspiratorial myths or legends.

In the two-day national research seminar 'Local History with special reference to the Central Region', research papers on history are expected on each district, which we will later convert into a book with ISBN Number.

Seminar Date

Last date of Registration: March 03, 2024

Seminar Date: March 04, 2024 And March 05, 2024

Registration Fees

Research Scholars: INR 800/-
Professors : INR 1500/-
Students : INR 400/-

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