Pro VC

Dr. Neeraj Upmanyu

Pro Vice Chancellor of SAGE University Bhopal

At the outset, I welcome you to the most beautiful and conducive academic campus in Central India, the Sanjeev Agarwal Global Educational (SAGE) University, Bhopal, situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. SAGE University aspires to be the most advanced, progressive, and trusted university.

For every student to walk on the right path, it is necessary to fall under the true quality guidance of experienced mentors. We at Sanjeev Agarwal Global Educational (SAGE) University aid the postulants in this direction. Our university has always been a beacon of knowledge, fostering intellectual growth, innovation, and excellence. Together, we have created an environment that nurtures talent and shapes future leaders. I am immensely proud of the collective efforts of our dedicated faculty, staff, and students, which have elevated our university's standing on a global scale.

Our university prides itself on providing an open and welcoming space for individuals from all walks of life to come together and engage in meaningful intellectual pursuits. Let us cherish and celebrate our diversity, for it is the very essence that enriches our learning experience and broadens our perspectives. Together, we create an environment that encourages interdisciplinary research, cooperation, and cross-cultural understanding. At Sanjeev Agarwal Global Educational (SAGE) University, Bhopal we build bridges, not walls, and work collectively to address the challenges faced by our society. The various Schools and constituent units of Sanjeev Agarwal Global Educational (SAGE) University run world-class curriculum-based courses that are sure to enable the students for holistic development and industry ready to become leaders with cutting-edge in the coming time.

Lastly, I would like to express my unwavering commitment to your success. As Pro- Vice-Chancellor, I am here to brace you, and uphold you, and I hope that your educational journey is meaningful and transformative. I whip you up to take advantage of the numerous academic and extracurricular opportunities available to you at Sanjeev Agarwal Global Educational (SAGE) University. Engage in critical thinking, explore new areas of interest, and embrace a lifelong love for learning. The University is set to implement the NEP 2020 and in accordance with the extensive framework, the Students are bound to get the best from its faculties and facilities. I am confident that with all collective efforts, we will make significant strides toward a brighter future.

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