Life At SAGE


The ambience at SAGE offers a unique and complete learning experience. Auditorium and classrooms are aesthetically designed, a pride collosal structure of SAGE. Participation of students is a key thing in a class, so the space in very classroom is very big and wide. The centrally air conditioned academic complex consists of spacious lecture halls with modern facilities.


Food is very important for taking refuge from the daily hectic, therefore our university cafeteria caters refreshment and eatables for the students in a very hygienic, spacious and comfortable sitting arrangement. Also, the quality of food items is closely monitored by the respective authorities. The whole ambience is designed in such a way that it’ll tempt you to visit again and again.


We offer the most comprehensive and diverse product range aimed at delivering a holistic learning experience. In line with the rapidly evolving industrial world we cater to the demand for increased sophistication and simplification placed on its various components. The vision is to give the world new age engineers who can transform the society with the creative vibe with ethical human outlook.

Information Technology Laboratory

Human have been storing, retrieving, manipulating and communicating information. We provide in information technology laboratory the study of design, implementation, development, management and support of computer based information systems that assist with supporting business operational needs within an industry. Students will engage in life long learning and professional development through continuing education.


We serve students in scholarly pursuits and to aid research. Here in SAGE we provide curated collection of sources of information and similar resources selected by experts and made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. Here books will frame a prosperous sense of our students.


We run a fleet of buses to facilitate its students and staff to commute to and from various places in Bhopal and near by areas. All buses can entertain a high capacity with effortless. Safety and security of the students and faculty at prime.

Design & Drawing Studio

We are equipped with advanced concepts and techniques of interactive design and interactive software. Multilevel studio emphasizing advanced concepts and processes related to drawing. More emphasis on contemporary art issues and individual directions. Continued exploration of advanced graphic design practices with primary emphasis on 3D object and packaging design.

SAGE Hostel

A well-known University, The Sage is always investigated for its academics and infrastructure. Yet it does not limit to aforesaid. Accompanied by all the facilities the University also proffers students accommodation on campus. Students from all over the world come to Sage University and live on campus, the hostel becomes the preceding home, and the hostelites your family.

We prioritize the comfort and quality of life for each student on campus. The staunch hostel warden makes the accommodation of university students comfortable which aids them focus on their academics. The hostel at the university entails 4 floors with 108 furnished rooms for boys and 4 floors with 161 rooms for girls, alongside the availment of single and double occupancy of a/c and non-a/s rooms as per their bent. The fully furnished rooms with proper ventilation not only succor students but aid them to focus on their studies as well. The hostel holds a common television room, 24*7 running water, drinking water, and proper & hygienic food facilities.