UG Program

PG Program

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It aims to provide deeper exposure in understanding the entertainment, Journalism, broadcasting and advertisement industry. This discipline aims to provide the tools pertaining to professional network, media industries, changing marketing strategies and technologies to advance in professional success.

The Course gives exposure to the trends of emerging media viz. television, advertisement, social media and print media. The course deals with the real time scenario subjects like intellectual property rights, economic policies, business strategies etc.

 PEO Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

  •  PEO – 1:After completion of three years’ Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA),Students will be capable of making a positive contribution to business, trade and industry inthenational andglobal context.
  •  PEO–2:Studentswillbeableto Identifyandanalyzeethicalconflictsandsocialresponsibilityissues involvingamongdifferent stakeholdersof thebusiness.
  •  PEO - 3:Program offers variety of specialization courses to students which will have astrong foundation to pursue professional careers and take up higher learning courses such asMBA,CA, M. Phil, Ph.D as well as research.
  •  PEO - 4:Students with an interest in self-employment, the program offers courses in makingthemable to initiate and build uponentrepreneurial ventures.
  •   PEO - 5: The program will help students in recognizing the need for adapting change andhave the aptitude and ability to engage in independent and life – long learning of socio-economic,technological and global change


  •  Bada Business (an initiative by Vivek Bindra)
  •   Mandideep Industrial Association
  •  iNurture

 Teaching Learning Methods:

  •  Experiential Learning
  •  Problem-based Learning
  •  Activity based Learning
  •  Summer / Winter Internships
  •  Industrial visits
  •  Inquiry Based Learning
  •  Project Based Learning


  •  Student centric value-added education system.
  •  Regular guest lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences and events to make students future ready.
  •  Holistic development of the students including through Sports, Yoga and Life skills development.
  •  Pro-active Entrepreneurship Development Cell.
  •  Research and Innovation driven environment.
  •  Experiential learning system through participative learning systems and winter/summer internship practices.
  •  Activity Based learning
  •  Experienced faculties from NITs’, renowned universities and from Industries.
  •  Industry-Academia collaborations to support expert lectures, trainings and placements.
  •  Career guidance for placements and entrepreneurship.
  •  Dedicated mentorship and parentship for students.


  •   Event Management with Media & Entertainment
  •   Banking & Finance
  •   Information Technology Management
  •   Human Resource Management
  •   Finance Management
  •   Marketing Management
  •   International Business Management
  •   Digital Marketing Management
  •   Business Analytics
  •   Retail Operations

Career Opportunities :

  • With the acquirement of skills enhanced through this course the job opportunities available are:
  •  Product launching
  •  Wedding celebrations
  •  Exhibition workshops
  •  Corporate seminars
  •  Celebrity Promotions
  •  Film Awards
  •  Fashion Celebrity Show
  •  Above all Career Multiplicity, Flexibility and Freelancing
  • With the skills inculcated in you by the design of the course, the various options available to the candidate are:
  •  Commercial Banking
  •  Investment Banking
  •  Quantitative analyst
  •  Insurance Advisor
  •  Analyst
  •  Finance Manager
  •  Business Administration Researcher
  •  Human Resource Manager
  •  Research and Development Manager
  •  Business Consultant
  •  Information Systems Manager
  •  Marketing Manager
  •  Business Analysts
  •  Information Technology Systems Analysis
  •  IT Operations Manager
  •  IT Management Security
  •  Infrastructure and Hardware
  •  IT Project manager
  • To illustrate, job offered in this field include:
  •  Compensation Managers
  •  Manager of Employee Relations
  •  HR Generalist
  •  Technical Recruiter
  •  Director of Staff
  •  Placement Manager
  •  Training and Relations Manager
  •  Organizational Consultant
  •  Non profit Human Resource Experts
  •  Human Resource Executive
  •  Employee Education Consultant
  • Student possesses diverse skill which makes the career opportunities very thrilling. Some of them are:
  •  Investment and Consumer Banking
  •  Merchant Banking
  •  International Finance
  •  Financial Consultant
  •  Chief financial Officer
  •  Credit Managers & Specialists
  •  Insurance & Risk Managers
  •  Capital Controller
  • The course curriculum helps in developing skills in Marketing which results into diverse Career options are, to state a few:
  •  Brand Manager
  •  Research Manager
  •  Sales Manger
  •  Business Development Manager
  •  Marketing Analysts
  •  Advertising Consultants
  •  Banking Marketing Management
  •  Niche Marketing
  •  Product launcher and Media Planner
  • This is the most upcoming course in the recent business scenarios, the Career opportunities are:
  •  Product Launching
  •  Event Planner
  •  Corporate Planner
  •  Celebrity Branding
  •  Media Planner
  •  Above all Career Multiplicity, Flexibility & Freelancing
  • The career options available in this skill full and technical course include:
  •  Corporate Finance
  •  Risk & Hedge fund Analyst
  •  Financial Analyst
  •  Quantitative Analyst
  •  Portfolio Managers
  •  Private Equity Professionals
  •  Venture Capitalist
  •  Investment Banking
  •  Corporate Strategic Finance
  • The career options available in this skill full and technical course include:
  •  Information Technology Systems Analysis
  •  IT Operations Manager
  •  IT Management Security
  •  Infrastructure and Hardware
  •  IT Project manager
  •  E - Commerce Web Developer.
  •  E - Commerce Business Analysts.
  •  E - Commerce Project Manager.
  •  E - Commerce Customer Support Executive.
  •  E - Commerce SEO Content Writer.
  • 100% assurance for campus placement support in Industry Partner or other companies in Retail Sector.The apprentice will be employed under Modern Retail Trade organizations / Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)/ Fast Moving Consumer Durable (FMCD) companies as a Retail Team Leader. The apprentice can then progress to supervisory roles in these organizations. Also, the apprentice can horizontally progress to supervisory roles in sales under B2B retail formats too.

Laboratories / Classes:

Faculty List :

Dr. Manoj Bhatia


Dr. Sunil Atulkar

Associate Professor

Dr. K Praddep Reddy

Associate Professor

Dr. Khushboo Sabharwal Gupta

Associate Professor

Dr. Khushboo Sandhu

Associate Professor

Mr. Aditya Vyas

Associate Professor

Ms. Charul Chaturvedi

Associate Professor

Mrs. Saloni Sharma

Associate Professor

Ms. Ankita Singh

Associate Professor

Ms. Diksha Dange

Associate Professor

Ms. Noopur Tiwari

Associate Professor

Dr. Anamika Rawat

Associate Professor

Mr. Manish Dutta

Associate Professor

Mr. Varun Bhaskar

Associate Professor

Dr. Apoorva Bhatnagar

Associate Professor

Dr. Vijay Asthana

Associate Professor