Industry Visit

The School of Management& Commerce (SOMC) organized an Industrial visit for a day toAmul Plant, Govindpura,Bhopal. This visit was organized on 27/09/2023 for BBA1st Sem.Students. A total of 40students visited the industry. The Sales Head – Mr. Pankaj Deshmukh addressed the students by showing the video presentation about the journey of Amul Industry, its history, advertisement of Amul and about their variety of products manufacturing. In addition, he elucidated the various processes involved in the processing of milk, Butter Milk and Curd manufacturing during plant visit. Students were divided in two batches and they were taken to Milk process unit, Packaging section, and Curd manufacturing area. The workers were involved in the production process with complete dedication and supported the students to understand their respective working. Students learned a lot about Milk Processing, different types of products manufactured by Amul and its foundation. The sessions conducted were very educational and gave the exposure to the students as How the Asia’s largest Milk Brand works. It was an informative, interesting & successful visit.

On10 April 2024, 20 students from the School of Management had the privilege to visit the Siemens Center of Excellence at the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR) in Bhopal. This visit was organized as part of our educational initiative to expose students to cutting-edge technologies and industrial practices. Upon arrival at the Siemens Center of Excellence, students were greeted by the staff and were given an insightful presentation about the various projects and initiatives undertaken by Siemens in collaboration with NITTTR Bhopal. The presentation covered topics such as Industry 4.0, digitalization in manufacturing, and the role of automation in enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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