R & D and Consultancy at SAGE

The SAGE University, Bhopal is young but with expertise in diverse areas and dissipating knowledge to students. It is committed to develop and provide an environment which develops creative minds in students through entrepreneur models and project based learning.

It is conducting cutting edge research in current topics using university funds and extramural grants.Researchers at SAGE University, Bhopal strive to carry research on both local and global problems. They are working for research excellence and contribute to the knowledge of human kind in diverse fields. They are also looking for translation of their research in to societal use and benefit. The amalgamation of basic and applied research conducted in the university is helping the students to have an experience of both. Thus preparing them better for future research and look in to things in different from usual required to accomplish futuristic research.

The university is also involved in providing inputs to industries via industrial consultancies and training human resources via academic consultancies. The university aims to focus on innovations relevant for present and future. It does so by developing new technologies and patenting them. The university is working in developing the culture of entrepreneurship and start-ups in students. At our university, faculty and students work in collaboration to develop technologies for future. The university is also working on innovative ideas developed by students and promoted/ mentored by faculty.

   R & D and Consultancy Office

The SAGE University has a separate R & D Cell which provides assistance and guidance to faculties and students in all aspects of research and consultancies. This is accomplished through discussions on current and future research areas in various fields and looking for The R & D cell has two major wings R & D and Consultancy (academic and industrial), each having coordinators representing each schools and looking after the activities.

   a. Scientific and Semi-scientific Communication

The research conducted by any organization needs to be disseminated among the common people and society. The cell is actively involved in writing scientific and semi-scientific articles, other communications, etc. The cell is involved dissipating scientific knowledge and popularization of scientific temperament and research attitude among young generation.The cell is involved in promoting the university achievements with the industries for technology transfer and developing business models.

   b. Management of Extramural Grants

The cell is working closely with the faculty members of the university to seek funding from national and international agencies. It helps the faculty in the application procedures of the same. It is helping the faculties in looking for collaborations across India and abroad and submission of joint research and consultancy projects. The cell also conducts meetings with international collaborators for joint international projects, discussions with the management of international universities viz., Malaysia, Vietnam and South Africa.

   c. Managing Research Facilities

The R & D and Consultancy cell is providing all kinds of infrastructural help to the faculties and project PI's. It is helping in laboratory design, renewing of laboratories with newer facilities, setting up of the newer research laboratories, equipment’s, etc. The cell is actively involved in helping the PI’s in the procurement of advance and major equipment’s wherein techno-commercial discussions are involved, import duties and other formalities are involved.

   d. Management of Research Staff

The R & D and Consultancy cell helps the PI's of projects and faculties in the recruitment of project staff in research and industrial projects. The cell conducts all kinds of procedures of advertisement, recruitment and termination of the project staffs. The cell actively helps to resolve all kinds of fellowship issues by coordinating with the external funding agencies.

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