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SAGE School of Performing Arts was formulated with an aim to form an amalgamation of various forms of art. We have meticulously chosen programs from a wide spectrum of Art such as music, dance, filmmaking and television techniques. Our ultimate objective is to offer students with a unique opportunity to study arts and open gateways of knowledge and creativity for them.

One of our salient features is that we have been successful in creating a blend of spirituality and professionalism at our premium campus. We are familiar with the fact that India has a rich cultural heritage and we want to showcase that on the global map.

Music and at times dance are perhaps the most universal of the performing arts and they are found in every society, most often as an integral part of other performing art forms such as theatre or telefilms. They include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and that are also found, to some extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains.

School of Performing Arts at SAGE University, Bhopal – SUB aims to convert the passions of those performers, who revel in the glory of the stage, or those who enjoy the glare of the camera to entertain their audience and become trend setters in their own categories by offering them the finest curriculum.

 PEO Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

  •  Prospective Employment and Career Prospects- To empower graduates for employment in the performing arts field, content writing, teaching and exploring careers in Performing Arts and orient them for research and higher studies.
  •  Proficiency- Graduates will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of literature in their chosen domain or research focus. They will describe a range of techniques related to performing arts and rhetorical strategies used in texts, including their relationship to audience, purpose and cultural contexts.
  •  Entrepreneurship- Establish dance institutes/studios and to work as entrepreneurs with an ability to develop new projects and choreographic works.
  •  Research Methods- Graduates will learn how to design and carry out original and persuasive research in Performing arts, English literature and Psychology with particular attention to literary theory and criticism.
  •  Continuous Learning- The course will enable them to be a continuous learner by expanding the skill-set in response to a changing environment and new developments


  •  daily newspaper from Jabalpur (M.P.) and due to its differentiated approach group has started multiple media platforms from newspaper to newswire to web and mobile based news platforms.

 Teaching Learning Methods:

  •  A Unique Academic Model for Foundation Year Program.
  •  Unique Degree of Bachelor of Performing Arts (Three in One means Dance, Music & Theater in a Degree Program with minimum HBS Module)
  •  Bloom Taxonomy Pedagogy in teaching method
  •  Project Based Learning Program
  •  Flexible credit system to opt interdisciplinary courses.
  •  Generic Elective Courses
  •  Apple Certified Lab
  •  Sage talk/Expert Talk with expert of field of art
  •  Industrial Visits



  •   Film Making
  •   Computer Graphics
  •   Dance
  •   Music

Career Opportunities :

  •  Director & Assistant Director
  •  Actor
  •  Screenplay & Screenwriter
  •  Editor
  •  Production Executive
  •  Production Coordinator
  •  Versioning Producer
  •  Visual Effects Producer
  •  Producer
  •  Cinematographer
  •  Film Critic
  •  Animation Supervisor
  •  Character Animator
  •  Content Developer
  •  Graphic Designer
  •  Storyboard Artist
  •  Art Critics
  •  Arts Specialists
  •  Dance Artists
  •  Choreographers
  •  Playback Vocalist/Instrumentalists
  •  Artist/Performer
  •  Composer
  •  Music Director
  •  Audio Technician
  •  Audio Trainers
  •  Audio Visual Technician
  •  Audio Visual Design Engineer
  •  Audio Engineer
  •  Producer Virtual Reality Video Engineer
  •  Audio/Video Technician
  •  Audio Visual Engineer
  •  Director & Assistant Director
  •  Actor/Actress
  •  Screenplay & Screenwriter
  •  Editor
  •  Sound Designer
  •  Production Executive
  •  Production Coordinator
  •  Versioning Producer
  •  Cinematographer
  •  Technical Director
  •  Casting Director
  •  Digital Effects Animator
  •  Lighting Artist
  •  Composition Supervisor
  •  Pipeline Technician
  •  Texture Artist
  •  Performing Artist
  •  Choreographer
  •  Activity Coordinator
  •  Music Manager in Orchestra/Band
  •  Performing Artist
  •  Music Composer
  •  Music Director
  •  Playback Singer

Laboratories / Classes:

Faculty List :

Dr Swati A. Sharma


English Literature

Suraj Sharma


Indian Classical Dance

Anirudh Saxena

Assistant Professor

Indian Classical Music

Rahul Tiwari

Assistant Professor

Theater and Film Making

Swapnil Bagul

Assistant Professor

Tabla Player and Percussionist