MPA Dance


M.A. in Dance is a 2-year postgraduate program in the domain of performing art forms with a specialization in the field of dance (various folk and classical dances). The course is focused on imparting holistic knowledge about various dance forms to the students so as to make them understand the variety and richness in the performing arts tradition of India. MA in Dance course aim is to deliver a complete overview of all the aspects related to the subject.

MA in Dance as a subject is crafted to address the academic needs of the students along with dissipation of the required skill base. The course is structured and designed in a manner so as to develop academic base through semester-wise theoretical examination while developing the practical skills through performance of the art form.


     2 Yrs    4 Sem     15

    Career Opportunities :

    •  Performing Artist
    •  Choreographer
    •  Activity Coordinator

    Syllabus & Scheme :

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