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Nowadays, almost every businesses are being transformed by cloud computing. It allows businesses to use the internet to store and retrieve data from a network of remote servers. Business operations have become more scalable, flexible, and efficient as a result of technological advancements. With the rise of digitalization, so has the necessity to protect networks and systems from illegal access. Professionals in the field of cybersecurity are among the highest paid in the IT business today. Cloud Computing and Information Security will become more prominent in the near future as new technologies emerge, such as the Internet of Things. Our BCA program with such emerging specialization makeus Top BCA colleges in Bhopal.
The BCA Cloud Computing program from SAGE has been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the industry. It offers a wide range of technical and programming skill sets that complement the specialization subjects on Cloud and Information Security, preparing the graduates for severalcareeropportunities in these new-age domains.

 PEO Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

  •  PEO – 1:To provide student with an academic environment that fosters excellence, transparency, leadership and promote awareness of life-long learning.
  •  PEO–2:To prepare students to succeed in employment/profession or to pursue postgraduate & research education in Computer Application discipline.
  •  PEO - 3:Help students to practice computer applications in a broad range of industries.
  •  PEO - 4:Graduates will make valid judgment, synthesize information from a range of sources and communicate them in sound ways in order to find an economically viable solution.
  •   PEO - 5:To develop overall personality and character with team spirit, professionalism, integrity, and moral values with the support of humanities, social sciences and physical educational courses.


  •   iNurture has partnered with several esteemed international universities to bring global education to India. These endeavours have enabled iNurture to expand its portfolio and provide Indian students access to high-quality programs, right at home. All international programs from iNurture will be offered at a state-of-the-art campus in Bengaluru as well as on-campus with its partner universities.
    Through this initiative, leading institutions – Atelier Chardon Savard, HETIC, MBA ESG, and Strate School of Design – offer their globally-recognized, industry-aligned, and industry-endorsed programs in Design, Digital Business, Sports Management, Luxury Management, Hospitality Management, and Fashion in India. In addition to these universities, iNurture has also teamed up with Kotler Impact, a strategic marketing community aimed at sustainable economic development to develop new-age management practitioners and professionals.

 Teaching Learning Methods:

  •   All programs at SAGE in partnership with iNurture are designed through continuous collaboration with the brightest and sharpest minds in the industry. They are delivered through a unique blended delivery model – on-campus and in association with various universities, autonomous institutions, and colleges.
  •   The teaching and learning methodology in all the programs at SAGE in partnership with iNurture is crafted with a uniquely designed pedagogical approach to ensure an engaging, participatory, and application-based learning experience through world-class technologies.


  •   The SAGE University offers unique program in collaborations with iNurture.
  •   iNurture expertswill teach entire course in SAGE University campus.
  •   iNurture will provide training with latest technologies, industry projects, internship and placement assistance.


  •   Cloud Computing

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Laboratories / Classes:

Faculty List :

Dr. Pinaki Ghosh


PhD, MTech, BE


Dr. Gaurav Shrivastava


PhD, MTech


Mr. Saket Jain

Associate Professor

MCA., Ph.D.(pursuing)


Mr. Bhavesh Shah

Adjunct Faculty Member
(Assistant Professor)

M.E., Ph.D.(pursuing)


Mr. Lokesh Sahu

Adjunct Faculty Member
(Assistant Professor)



Mr. Vaibhav Jain

Adjunct Faculty Member
(Assistant Professor)

M.Tech., Ph.D.(pursuing)


Mr. Nitesh Kumar Tejra

Adjunct Faculty Member



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