SAGE School of Management and Commerce organized MoU Signing Ceremony between SAGE University and MP Small Scale Industries Organization, on March 15, 2022 from 12:30 pm at Theatre Hall, Administrative Block.

The event began with the welcome of Mr Vipin K Jain, President - MPSSIO, Mr Suneel Bhargava, Secretary General – MPSSIO, Shri M K Mittal, Treasurer – MPSSIO and Mr N K Sonee, Vice President – Association of Industries, Mandideep, Bhopal and Dr V K Jain, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor – Sage University, Bhopal. Welcome address and MoU brief was shared by Dr Prashant K Siddhey, HOD – SOM, Sage University. Opening remarks were shared by DR V K Jain, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor sir. Also, memorable speech was given by Shri Vipin K Jain. He shared his life experiences and motivated students to have belief in them. Mr Suneel Bhargava, Secretary General also shared his views and also threw light on the MoU benefits. Mr N K Soni was also invited to share his views in which he shared that self belief and faith should be in each individual. He also shared about the various opportunities in Mandideep, Bhopal.

Concluding remarks and Vote of Thanks were given by Dr Prashant K Siddhey. The overall program was effectively managed by Ms. Charul Chaturvedi, Assistant Professor, SAGE School of Management. Many Senior faculties, students were present to attend the ceremony. Participants felt excited after listening to the interesting poems shared by Vipin K Jain.

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