Research Paper Writing

Recognising the need for training in research and the development of research competencies, the School of Management is organising a three-day National Workshop on Research Methods. The focus of the workshop is to expose participants to research methods that are employed with both qualitative and quantitative data. The following topics will be covered:

  • Nature, Importance, and Scope of Research.
  • Concepts in Research: Variables, Attributes, Hypotheses, Research Questions, Objectives, Review of Literature, Limitation, Delimitation, Statement of Problem, etc.
  • Linear Probability Modelling.
  • Logistic Regression and Applications.
  • Probabilistic Regression and Applications.

The course delivery will be a mix of theory and (why) and application (what) to inculcate the ability of participants to understand and assimilate the underlying assumptions, logic, and theory behind these methods. The pedagogy of the the workshop will have a composite blend of interactive lectures and hands-on training in the research methods. The emphasis will be on building concepts with the requisite rigour and analysis of research data.

Participants will be provided with the relevant data sets for the purpose of analysis in order to facilitate experiential learning. It needs to be emphasised that the workshop will meet an important end of discussing quantitative tools for analysing qualitative data. And assimilate the underlying

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