Dr. V K Jain

Dr. V K Jain

Vice Chancellor of SAGE University Bhopal

Welcome to SAGE University Bhopal- a University that facilitates students accomplish their goals, aspirations and dreams. It gives me great pride and immense pleasure to be a part of the SAGE University family as its Vice Chancellor. We believe education is meant to inculcate right values among students to produce socially responsible citizensthus the aim of SAGE University is to provide outstanding congenial academic milieu for nurturing future catalysts to outperform global standards.

In the ongoing task of nation building, we are trying to promote excellence in higher education for a vibrant and inclusive society by facilitating creation and transmission of knowledge.

Higher education has witnessed a significant change and growth, and keeping a pace with it, we at SAGE University have also readily adapted to the global demands and geared up to meet the Global and National challenges by harnessing the latest technologies in education front hence accomplishing our mission of creating globally competent students who are fully aware of their roles in the quest for a better tomorrow for their communities, countries, regions, and the world as a whole.

The University has carved out a forte to provide a discrete platform for the students to flourish as diversified human asset. Entrenched in the guidance of the best minds in teaching and rooted in the pursuit of intellectual excellence, it attempts to unlock inquisitiveness for experiential and value-based learning which fosters in the development of quality, leadership and entrepreneurship.The move towards inter-disciplinary studies, research based and interactive learning with technology integration have opened up several options as well as created multiple challenges. The quality of education imparted in our University churns the vibrant young minds to build core competence and major skill-sets required bythe industry. The courses offered are carefully crafted keeping the functionality of output to bridge the gap between academia and employment and integrating knowledge with skills on the foundation of ethics and values. We kindle the passion in students and churn them out as a brigade of change leaders thus flying on the wings of their career and ambition.

For holistic development of our students, the University not only provides a pulsating and positive environment but a well-equipped library, sports, clubs and extracurricular facilities etc.Also, the University organizes various events which provideplatform to showcase talent and creativity and inculcate the skills of leadership, collaboration and teamwork. The University also encourages peer-learning that immensely helps students in their professional and practical life.We move with a motto of creating an army of independent, creative and analytical thinkers who can bear the torch to the next generation.

With the National Education Policy 2022 on board, the University has started taking initiatives of implementing it. The initiatives are aimed to improve accessibility, equity, quality affordability and accountability and thereby brining about transformative reforms in higher Education sector. We have already started to adopt some of the mandates by integrating 21st century skills required for global employment and successful life in the curriculum, offering multidisciplinary education, experiential learning, orientation of faculty, student induction programme, social responsibility, community engagement, industry academic linkages, and prepared framework for eco-friendly and sustainable campus. I am confident that the SAGE fraternity will produce excellent Scientists, Technocrats, Designers, Artists, Visionary Leaders, Competent Researchers, Pharmacists and Teachers in the fields of Science, Engineering, Design, Pharmacy, Performing Arts, Humanities, Management, Journalism and Social Sciences, who will not only bring laurels to the University but also make the nation proud.

I welcome all the students to this temple of learning and carve a niche in the world of knowledge exploration.

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