Plant Tissue Culture and Agri informatics: A Modern Approach for Sustainable Agriculture

School of Agriculture is organizing a workshop on “Prolific Plant Tissue Culture Interventions for Sustainable Agriculture” A potential practical approach for elite plantlets production with enhanced agri-informatics for crop improvement.

Objective: The aim of this workshop is to provide and explore participants with the basic knowledge, along with skills and techniques of plant tissue culture, agri- informatics and its applications to commercial level.

Venue: Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, School of Agriculture, Block A, SAGE University, Bhopal (M.P.)- 462022


Coordinator & Technical: Dr. Ashok K. Khandel (Plant Tissue Culturist)

Contact No: 7440274693 Email:

Coordinator: Dr. Atul M. Pradhan (Genetics & Plant Breeding)

Contact No: 8390214835 Email: