Dr Ankur Saxena

Prof (Dr.) Ankur Saxena

Pro Vice Chancellor of SAGE University Bhopal

Being an academic head of university, I extend my warm greetings and a heartfelt welcome to the distinguished academic community nestled in the heart of Central India – the Sanjeev Agarwal Global Educational (SAGE) University, Bhopal. Here, in the middle of the peaceful and beautiful landscapes of Madhya Pradesh, our university stands as a beacon of learning, Creating, innovating, and opportunity.

At SAGE University, we foresee a future where excellence knows no boundaries, where progress is not merely a destination but a way of life, and where trust forms the foundation of every enterprise. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of education, innovation, and inclusivity is unwavering, as we endeavour to create a vibrant and best ecosystem that nurtures the aspirations of every individual who walks through our gates.

Join us on our journey to redefine the future of India, to explore the depths of knowledge, and to embrace the endless possibilities available in the coming future. Together, let us embark on a quest for enlightenment, fuelled by passion, driven by purpose, and guided by the timeless values that define the essence of SAGE University, Bhopal.

Welcome to a world where beauty converges with intellect, where dreams take flight, and where every moment is an opportunity to fly to new heights. Welcome to the top University of Madhya Pradesh SAGE University – where the mission of excellence knows no limits.

To all our intellectual faculty, I extend my heartfelt thankfulness for your dedication and passion in shaping the minds of our future leaders. Your untiring efforts in imparting knowledge, nurturing talent, and instilling values are the foundation of our academic activities.

To all our dear students, I must say: seize every opportunity that comes your way, for this university is giving you every platform, and your potential knows no boundaries. As you embark on your academic journey, remember that success is not merely measured by grades but by the level of your understanding, experiences, and the impact you make on the society around you.

To all our enthusiastic staff, I express my gratitude for your unwavering commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization. Your hard work behind the scenes is instrumental in creating an environment favourable to learning, research, innovation and start up’s.

SAGE University, Bhopal, stands as a shining example of quality in higher education, dedicated to nurturing a vibrant learning environment where innovation, creativity, and academic rigor flourish. This topmost university is not just a place of learning; it is a community where diverse perspectives come together, ideas are exchanged, and dreams are realized.

I welcome all the students to this temple of learning and carve a niche in the world of knowledge exploration.

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