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English Literature is a diverse and exciting subject. Students who opt for Bachelor of Arts in English are not only offered the opportunity of reading and responding to a large spectrum of novels, plays and poetry but also the possibility of engaging with several wider issues that are deeply relevant to our lives. It has been the tradition of the SAGE University to connect the teaching of literature to political and social questions that provoke thought in the contemporary mind.

Through lectures, tutorials and seminars students are encouraged to relate the curricular texts to their lives outside the classroom. They get ample opportunity to voice their views and argue their positions on the larger issues evoked by the study of literature. Film shows are used as teaching aids and comparisons between the written and visual texts highlight the way different media shape artistic content.

 PEO Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

  •  PEO – 1:Proficiency- Graduates will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of literature in their chosen domain. They will describe a range of literary techniques and rhetorical strategies used in texts, including their relationship to audience, purpose and cultural context.
  •  PEO–2:Analytical Approach – Graduates will be able to recognize poetry from a variety of cultures, languages and historic periods. Understand and appreciate poetry as a literary art form. Analyze the various elements of poetry, such as diction, tone, form, genre, imagery, figures of speech, symbolism, theme, etc. Broaden their vocabularies and to develop an appreciation of literature.
  •  PEO - 3:Education for Learning- Graduates will showcase leadership qualities and diverse learning by cultivating versatile skills of teamwork, morality, ethics, communication and analytical skills.
  •  PEO - 4:Prospective Employment and Career Prospects-To empower graduates for employment in the fields of translation, content writing, teaching and orient them for research and higher studies.
  •   PEO - 5:Creative and Academic Writing- To Produce creative writing, rhetoric and composition for diverse needs of students and community nationally and internationally.


 Teaching Learning Methods:


  •   Flexible Choice Based Credit System
  •  Sports, Yoga, Life skills and Holistic education.
  •  The curriculum is well designed to improve hold over languages enabling students to harness their international career and professional development.
  •   The language courses are designed and anchored keeping in view the international regulations and standards.
  •   It opens a plethora of job opportunities for students at various organizations and foreign missions.
  •   The curriculum helps students to meet the needs of industry and academia, providing the opportunity to confront emerging challenges in the business environment.
  •   Experienced and research-oriented faculties train students for their intellectual and professional development.
  •   MOOCs are an important part of Curriculum


  •   English
  •   Hindi

Career Opportunities :

  •  Hindi (Rajbhasha) Officer
  •  Language Instructors
  •  Translator
  •  Content Writer
  •  Cultural Trainers
  •  Interpreter
  •  Jobs at international organizations and foreign missions

Laboratories / Classes:

Faculty List :

Dr Swati A. Sharma


Dr Veena Gour