About Sage School of Languages

The SAGE School of Languages and Culture is one of the premier destinations for language learners, which intends to promote the study of language, literature and culture. The learning of different languages and literature break communication barriers and bring the world closer. Learning at So L&C is embedded in strong communication, cultural, political, and social understanding of different linguistic contexts. It provides the students of this region an opportunity to recognize and face the challenges of globalization in their personal and public lives. Here, we strive to enhance the students’ literary sensibilities and insights through interdisciplinary modes and methods inherent in the very concept of this School.

Training in languages will help students to meet the increasing demand for competent communicators at workplace and will also help them to develop a variety of skills necessary for the professional world. Learning languages will also help in fulfilling the growing demand for graduates with an exemplary cultural knowledge relevant to global changes in the age of information and communication technology.

The School offers a variety of programmes in diverse languages. Along with degree programmes, there are certificate and diploma programmes in foreign languages like French Spanish Japanese& German. The School offers BA, MA and PhD programmes in English and Hindi. So L&C aims at producing excellent scholars in the fields of language, linguistics, literature and culture studies who can be internationally acclaimed translators and interpreters.


To create a vibrant language learning environment dedicated to intellectual exploration and cultural exchange with an aim to develop students' communicative abilities and research interests.


To expose the students to various languages, literatures and cultures in order to make them knowledgeable and sensitive members of global society.

To maximize students' communicative competence through challenging curriculums, innovative teaching methodologies and latest technological support in the teaching / learning process.

To provide the students with the skills to understand and appreciate the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the world.


    The global goal of our curriculum at School of Languages and Culture are as follows:

  •   To create proficiency in a language along with the leaning of its literature by maintaining its cultural heritage.
  •   To developing a respect and understanding for diverse linguistic and cultural heritages by analyzing the literature thus enabling our students to develop critical and creative techniques to appreciate diverse literary and non-literary texts.
  •  To foster curiosity, inquiry and a lifelong interest in language learning so that students can confidently utilize their language skills for the current industry and academic demands.



Dr Swati A. Sharma

Sage School of Languages

As a leading institution in the education and research, SAGE School of Languages and Culture too takes a serious interest in safeguarding and enhancing the richness and potential of human diversity. Language and culture go to the heart of what it is to be a human being. It’s of relevance to all of us, no matter what our area of interest. In a world where relations between people at all levels of interaction remain fraught, where people are marginalized through the loss of languages, and as technologies offer means of communication that can enable new connections yet simultaneously potentially exhaust us, it is clear we have some way to go to better understand others and ourselves. Instead of choosing between exclusion and assimilation, we need to seek a third way of embracing and working with diversity. Our ability to find this third way will determine what kind of future we will be living in. The study of languages and cultures is an important piece of that puzzle.

The School of Languages and Cultures is a vibrant environment in which languages and cultures from around the world are taught and the subject of world-class research from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives. The School welcomes you to explore the wide range of teaching, research and engagement activities in which staff and students of the School are involved



Dr Veena Gour

Sage School of Languages

The SAGE School of Languages and Culture, a pioneer in both instruction and research, is deeply committed to preserving and advancing the richness and promise of human versatility. Language and culture are fundamental to how we prosper as a society. The School of Languages and Culture is committed to the study of multiple languages, along with their literature and civilizations, with courses ranging from fundamental language skills to upper-level themes.

Our courses concentrate on the various facets of literary, cultural, and linguistic expression found in the spoken and written languages offered in our department. Languages and cultures from all over the world are taught in the school, which is also the focus of top-notch research from a variety of academic perspectives.

The school invites you to learn more about the numerous teaching, research and engagement endeavors that its faculty and students are engaged in.

Advisory Board :

Dr. Raees Unnisa

Assistant Professor of English
Qassim University, KSA

Dr. Shubhra Tripathi

Professor of English
Government Motilal Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, Bhopal
Former Visiting Professor, Shenzhen University China

Dr. Nidhi Nema

Head of the Department of English
Kamala Nehru Girls PG College Balaghat (M.P)
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