Wheat Export Ban – A Rational decision in the midst of worries

Wheat Export Ban – A Rational decision in the midst of worries

Wheat is the main staple crop of the nation. India being the major producer of Wheat is always in news for its wheat varieties and qualities. On 13th May 2022, the Government of India made a sudden decision to ban the export of Wheat. Many factors are responsible for this controversial decision. Climatic factor-like Scorching heatwaves, Price surges in the global market, Russia- Ukraine war are the prominent factors that led to ban the export of Wheat. The wheat exported from Russia-Ukraine constituted around 29% of the total wheat export from the world. 

Amid all these haphazard situations, many neighboring countries were looking at India as beacon of hope to help them in meeting their food demand. India's wheat exports stood at an all-time high of 7 million tones, valuing USD 2.05 billion, in 2021-22 on better demand of Indian wheat from overseas. Approximately 50 percent of total wheat exports were directed to Bangladesh. Due to high fetch price in the global market, Indian farmers were selling their crops to private traders and merchants which has swaddled down the Indian market and government procurement policy. Ultimately it would hamper the procurement, food stock and public distribution system of the country.

Considering the nation's interest first, and to manage the overall food security of the country the Central Government bans wheat exports with immediate effect. It is the government's responsibility to keep a balance in the marketplace. Hence, a ban has been imposed to check rampant export of the food grain. However, in the wake of this scenario, the Indian government has made two shipment points on which they can help a nation at their government's request. The purpose of restricting thresholds is to keep domestic prices low. So it is a wise step for the welfare of the nation in general and for ensuring food security for any uncertain situations in the future in particular. 


Dr. Smriti Singh
Assistant Professor
SAGE School of Agriculture

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