Outcome Based Education

Outcome Based Education

The outcome means learning outcomes are what students will be able to do at the end of the learning. In the early ’90s, the term Outcome Based Education shifted the focus of the education industry from teaching to learning. 

In the traditional system, teachers are worried about what they teach rather than what their students learn. In Outcome Based Education, curriculum and courses are designed according to program exit outcomes displayed by the student at the end of learning. In Outcome Based Education, the main priority is what needs to be accomplished by the learning. It also emphasizes what is expected from the student to achieve after the degree finally. The Outcome Based Education system is now found to be successful for the teachers and students to measure the learning outcomes.  

Components of OBE - 

Vision and Mission

Vision - The fundamental objective behind the establishment

Mission - Mission statements are the action plan to achieve the vision. 

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The PEOs of any program are that its graduates could achieve three to five years after graduation

Program Outcomes (Pos)

It is the main component of Outcome Based Education; these are the Graduate attributes.

Course Outcomes (Cos)

It is the outcome of any course; these COs are produced based on the requirement of the program outcomes. Each CO will be mapped to POs; the PO will be then mapped to the PEOs.




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