Emotional Intelligence in College Life

Emotional Intelligence in College Life

College life is the foremost unforgettable years of one’s life. It’s entirely different from the school life. As it involves various challenges, learning’s, drawbacks, invisible adventures, social and personal interactions and so college days in a way create a huge impact in our life. For some, college life is all about enjoying life to the fullest, partying, socializing having fun with new friends, but on the flip side for others, it’s time to get serious with their career, dream big and make efforts to achieve them and study totally for a brighter future. Many of them understand the true meaning of the life in their college days. The college period of your three to five years include both enjoyment and education. Nonetheless, college life always remains a memorable time for all. But not everyone seems to be lucky enough to expertise in college life. Individuals don’t get the possibility to travel to varsity. Generally, they do not have a powerful money background to enjoy such liberties, or at different times they need different responsibilities to be satisfied.

College life is said to be a massive transition from an ordinary school life for every student. The children unwontedly tend to undergo plenty of changes psychologically as well as emotionally once they enter college. This transit to college, therefore, explosives that you’re not protected by your teachers and friends of your school time anymore. You are completely on our own from now on. You have to not only take care of your studies, but also your co-curricular activities, your friend circle, your social circle, your responsibilities towards your educational institute, each and everything is now to taken care of by only you all alone. And this pressure could result in many mental health issues so a college going student needs to take care of him/her as well. College Days are the times that could not be brought back once they are gone. Those golden years of your life carries the finest memories created with friends, peers, during lecture time, during free periods, during mass bunks, in the canteens and what not. These are the days when we tend to meet several new friends, classmates, seniors, juniors, and the one’s that stays with us for whole life.

With getting admission in a college, one has to go through a lot of ups and downs emotionally. Adapting to all those changes in a very new environment, many times those teenagers and young adults don’t know how to deal with the stressors and societal pressures. The ability to recognize the emotions in ourselves and in others, to understand their effects, and at the same time to use that knowledge to guide our thoughts and behaviors is yet developing. They are day by day learning new things, having new experiences, getting mature both physically and emotionally, coming out of their shell to build up a strong personality to live up to their parent's expectations and face the outer world and leave their mark on the society. It’s something that demands a lot of courage, effort, and hard work at the same time. In the middle of all the chaos college going students suffer a lot emotionally and psychologically. Yet there are some who unfortunately can’t cope with up with their tough environment and lose hope and get distracted from their paths but at the same time there are people who grow up stronger and braver in life. Individuals with high emotional intelligence instate qualities in them like self-awareness, self and relationship management, self regulations, being highly empathetic, confident and self motivated, and amazing social skills. Their college years make them face daily new challenges, they learn to work under pressure, learn to reflect on their emotions, ask for perspective, observe their surroundings, pause for a moment and think rationally, and most importantly choose to learn from criticism, and finally get mature enough to understand human emotions and struggles. The period of 1st to final year is almost like a roller coaster ride where you rise from bottom, learn to face failures and achieves success at the end. 

Ms. Radhika Sahu
Assistant Professor

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