How AI is Transforming the World?

How AI is Transforming the World?

It is an indisputable fact that sooner or later, AI will be a substitute for a lot of jobs that humans presently perform. AI will also create many different job opportunities in related fields. So, we must have at least some information about AI. Artificial Intelligence will transform the face of humanity, and to be a part of this new face of humanity we need to understand and harness it in the right direction.

Artificial Intelligence is being used in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and disaster management, just to name a few prominent industries.

For manufacturers, AI can be a game-changer. AI can be used to automate complex tasks in manufacturing and help identify previously unknown patterns in the processes and workflows, thereby reducing costs and saving time.

The present healthcare system has many flaws and still, the healthcare system cannot tackle many of these challenges. The use of AI in healthcare can solve a number of these challenges and equip healthcare professionals to better understand the disease patterns and the needs of the patients. It can significantly improve diagnosis, treatment time, and prevention of a number of diseases.

With depleting groundwater levels and increased demand for natural resources, farmers face newer challenges every day. In the field of agriculture, AI can improve the lives of the farmers by giving them relevant information about the quality of the soil, weather conditions, and pests. This will help improve the harvest quality and increase the farm yield.

Governments of a number of countries are also using AI to build smart cities for better governance, crime prevention, environmental planning, traffic management, and resource allocation.

Artificial Intelligence cannot be ignored and a better understanding of the applications of AI will help us harness it better and counter the effects of climate change, global warming, and environmental pollution.

Dr Tasneem Bano Rehman
SAGE School of Advanced Computing, BHOPAL

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