Modern Farmers and Modern Day Farming At the Top University in Bhopal

Modern Farmers and Modern Day Farming At the Top University in Bhopal

Agriculture is the lifeline of our country. In recent times, we are continuously working to empower our agriculture sector with modern technology. Our strategy of liberalization and globalization has opened many gates of opportunities to advance the agricultural forefront of our country. Modern farmers are more focused on infrastructural facilities in rural areas, types of machinery, and other modern ways to enhance the quality and quality of the product and are also quite dedicated to generating surplus amounts and standards for the national as well as international markets.

Changing environmental conditions have increased the pressure on farmers as they are adversely affecting the plants and the crops. The climate conditions are getting worse every day which is forcing poor farmers to develop new ways to increase crop productivity. The world population is increasing rapidly and the cultivation of land is decreasing day by day.



Modern farmers using modern-day agricultural technologies led to a rapid increase the production of major crops along with maintaining the quality of each. Due to various scientific advances and the use of modern technologies, we have seen the dawn of a new modern agricultural era under which we are witnessing crop varieties, molecular breeding techniques, organic farming, sustainable agriculture, genetically modified cropping systems, and other large irrigation systems.

In the dark shadow of various challenges such as climatic change, abiotic stress conditions, natural disasters or man-made disasters, and others the peak crop season gets affected easily, and then modern-day farming comes to the rescue. Traditional agricultural systems usually can’t help the fields out from the adverse conditions but new technology can. Therefore, the rate of adaptation to modern technologies is increasing. However, due to less awareness of farmers, many of them are still unaware of some wonderful, easy, and cheap ways to generate maximum production from their fields.

To teach and to benefit the upcoming generations with the wisdom of modern farming the Top University in Bhopal, SAGE University (SUB) came forth with modern-day agricultural courses under which students learn the modern ways of farming such as organic farming, vertical farming, genetically modified crops, greenhouse farming, polytonal farming, and creating a new scope for using multi-crop farming and many more. To know more about the same contact the Best University in Bhopal which is SAGE University Bhopal.

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