Agriculture is a Multidisciplinary Course

Agriculture is a Multidisciplinary Course

“The farmers who succeed are the ones who are going to incorporate new technologies."

Agriculture is such an issue which is less discussed because the whole world is engaged in understanding this subject, especially the education system. Agriculture is such a subject which combined different subjects under one, whether it is computer science, bio science, social science, language etc. In the old time there was not much scope in agriculture subject to say that there was not much understanding but in present time various institutes are contributing in promoting agriculture subject and providing best education to the student. Today government institutions as well as private organizations are promoting the subject of agriculture equally. One of these institutes is SAGE University Bhopal, which has made various efforts to give a new dimension to the subject of agriculture, which makes it a partner for agricultural upliftment.

Various facilities for the student, without which it is difficult to get a good education, are being  provided   to the students for a special purpose such as working laboratory, land for agricultural work, best collection of books, visits of students to other institutions, association of teachers for students interested in research, promotion of learning based on experience. Students are also allowed to enter into the society, through preparing a whole team to do, General Knowledge, Separate Classes, Quantitative Aptitude, Language Section, and Competitive Exam Preparation. With all these principles, students are ready to make their dreams come true. They stand with the students of various technical subjects. Scopes of agricultural jobs are available, like agricultural research scientist, quality assurance officer, agriculture officer, farmer, government agriculture officer etc. Other than agriculture sector, jobs are available in defence, DRDO, ISRO, bank, railways, biotechnology, medicinal biology ect. For agriculture students today there is no such field where agriculture has not made its place. The members of the Department in the School of Agriculture of the University are selected on the basis of various qualities, a basic premise of which is that the students should have a lot of all-rounder development. For example, instruction is given on the basis of research from the very beginning, which is eaten up by project-based learning in common language. Preparation for placements which is very important to be done from the beginning as it is one such issue which takes a lot of time for the students to understand. Sage University has decided to inculcate the habit of being ahead of the students. The main objective of the University is to give India a well-rounded citizen, the biggest and most important objective. For the sake of agriculture vision, there is no need for efforts, which yearns to give continuous contribution to the wise university, which will continue to grow even more.

The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.


Dr.Jaya Sharma
Associate Professor,
School of Agriculture,
SAGE University Bhopal  

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