Why Choose Journalism & Mass Communication Degree?

Why Choose Journalism & Mass Communication Degree?

Introduction: Journalism & Mass Communication Degree

The rapidly growing media and communication sector have seen unprecedented growth in several sectors, including television, movies, advertisement, music, print media, and digital. It is the right time to start your career in the entertainment and media sector. Driven by high competitiveness, robust demand, and strong government support for the media sector and policy,  growth in various industry sectors promises exciting opportunities. Aspirants willing to have a great career in the media and communication sector should pursue Journalism and Mass Communication courses. 

The Indian media and entertainment sector grew 10,90% for the year 2017-2018. Between 2012-2018, the CAGR of India’s media consumption increased by 9%, almost nine times that of the USA and two times that of China. The industry provides 3,5-4 million people with CY 2017, including direct and indirect jobs.

School of Journalism and Mass Communication: What is Journalism & Mass Communication Degree

Mass means a group of people, or we can say a large number of individuals, and communication with them by means of text, images, videos, interviews, or any other means is called mass communication. Courses at SAGE University Bhopal teach all the facets of contact with various masses. For example, you can learn publicity, journalism, etc. Courses include detailed and overall segments of journalism and advertising.


BAJMC (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication) 

The BA(JMC) program has been designed in this new paradigm to keep pace with time. It equips the students as per the requirement of the present scenario where they can form an opinion to change society positively. The fundamentals of journalism with a blend of politics, society, economics, constitution, international issues, culture, and other basic subjects make the students more responsible towards society. The program offers specialization in electronic and print news media, radio, reporting, and documentary making. With the diversity in training, a student of mass communication can step into numerous profiles along with higher studies.

Course Duration: 3 Years 

Semesters: 6 Semesters 

Student Strength: 60 

MAJMC (Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication) 

MAJMC is a comprehensive program that provides equal grounding in print production and reporting, public relations, broadcast media, media buying and management, graphics, corporate communication, design, and animation concepts. The program also deals with web content management and other areas of new media, besides conventional and digital photography. In addition, the curriculum includes ethical issues, communication research, media laws, and development communication, representing true new-age convergence.

Course Duration: 2 Years 

Semesters: 4 Semesters 

Student Strength: 60 

Our Offerings: Skills covered in Journalism and Mass Communication Courses 

News Writing



Mobile Journalism

Documentary filmmaking

Radio Journalism

Public Relations

Project Based Learnings

Early Internships at Media Houses.

Opportunity to get your projects telecasted on national television right from the very first semester

More than 100 interactions with industry experts every year

Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication Degree

You can start by probing hundreds of historical stories, new politicians, and celebrities, talking to ordinary people, making great messages from their stories, creating new thoughts, producing beautiful events, and studying many brands and startups. If you are talkative and love to communicate and interact with others, you will have more opportunities in this field than in any other stream. There is no limitation in this field as you can explore many skills and work according to your interests. All of the mass media are fundamental to taking chances, producing exciting ideas, and influencing people. The aspirant will learn the ability to think critically, create teams, resolve conflicts, solve problems, and talk in public with a master communication course.

Careers in Journalism and Mass Communication Degree

Manager of news media

Marketing Manager and specialists

Directors of Public Relations

Specialists in web content


Why choose SAGE School Of Journalism and Mass Communication 

School of Journalism and Mass Communication at SAGE University Bhopal focuses on Curriculum focusing on project-based education, entrepreneurial ventures, and networking support incubation center. Finishing academies to improve employability; Value Added Courses, Industry Experts, Industry Visits, and Sage Talk. Practices and faiths Indian culture, values, and ethos to encourage unique, innovative, and industrial courses in all realms. In addition, the Placement and Training Cell support students to achieve their dream career according to their interests. 


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