Calm In Crises

Calm In Crises

An international motivational speaker and loved by all, Brahmakumaris Sister Shivani was with The Sage Group. Let us remember that it doesn’t matter what we have that will make us happy, it is how we think. So think positive and apply simple suggestions given by Sister Shivani as below;

Summary of session by BK SHIVANI DIDI

  1. Our mental condition shouldn’t be dependent on exterior conditions - EMOTIONAL INDEPENDENCE
    We should be peaceful and powerful from inside. This is actual spirituality.
  2. Change your vocabulary for starting. Thoughts become our reality. We should only think that we want. I want to make this year the best year of my life. Remain at high vibrations. If we run on average, we will become low from world’s vibrations.
    My body is perfectly healthy and will remain forever.
  3. A leader, parent or anyone elder should be very positive and happy. Because their thinking affect all others under them.
  4. God's powers have a shield around me and nothing can enter in that. I am fearless and confident.
  5. The world needs healing energy.
  6. Grasping power of mind is highest in the morning. Instead of utilising it on your phone, meditate and spiritual study should be done. The first thoughts in the morning should be about gratitude, thank you. If we set our mind at gratitude frequency, then the complaint frequency throughout the day will decrease.
  7. Examples of thoughts that should be there in the morning: My success is certain, I am very healthy and happy, I have god’s shield around me.
    Thoughts should be CERTAIN, without doubt.
  8. Sleep timing should be from 10 PM to 4 AM. It provides highest energy to mind and body. Because maximum minds are sleeping, hence highest concentration comes at 4 AM. Every habit should be done timely. RIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT ENERGY.
  9. Social media, news, tv shouldn’t be seen before sleep. Silent your mind and then sleep. Feed in pure thoughts before sleeping. Also after getting up, feed in spiritual thoughts for an hour.
  10. Our diet is super important. We should be eating vegetarian food atleast for 3 months. FOOD ARE OUR VIBRATIONS.
  11. If you want to increase your concentration and keep peace inside you, then eat food at home. Because the intention behind home food is not for profit and is made from pure energy.
  12. Don’t ever complain about food, never criticise food. Before I’m taking any food, take a 20 second pause for thanking food.


I am powerful
I am peaceful
I am fearless
My body is perfect and healthy
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