Organic Farming: A Key to Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Farming: A Key to Sustainable Agriculture

Organic farming is a method of farming, in which the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and growth-controlling chemicals is minimized or not at all, but in their place, organic fertilizers, crop residues, animal manure such as dung manure, earthworm manure, Emphasis is laid on compost and green manure and organic pest control. As not only the fertility of the land is maintained for a long time but also the environmental pollution does not spread and the ecological balance is maintained. Nowadays you must be seeing that the population is increasing very fast not only in India but in the world. The cause problem of food grains is growing. Many types of artificial chemical fertilizers (manures), and poisonous insecticides are being used in large quantities by humans to get maximum production in agriculture. Due to this its effect on the fertility of the land is deteriorating the quality of the land, as well as its effect on the health of human beings, and it has also increased the pollution in the environment. All these problems can be solved only by adopting organic farming.

A few years ago, when chemical fertilizers were not used in our country, when there was no agriculture, there was no agriculture and production was also high. Earlier we used to do farming according to natural farming or environment. At that time, instead of fertilizers, cow dung, cow dung, and urine were used, which does not pollute water, land, air, and the environment. And humans also used to be healthy, but now by eating grains grown from chemical fertilizers, humans are losing their immunity.

Earlier humans lived for over 100 years. But not now because he is not getting a copy of that nutritious and chemical-free food. Because today, with the help of chemicals, vegetables, fruits, etc. are being obtained without any season, due to which human beings are satisfied. But what does he know that the antidote to his life may be possible? If a man wants to get rid of all these problems. So he has to consume organic substances, organic grains, organic fruits, and organic vegetables, and to achieve all these, we have to adopt organic farming, understand its usefulness and promote it.

Benefits of organic farming:

•    Organic farming improves the quality of the land. And at the same time, the fertility of the land remains for a long time.
•    Organic farming reduces costs. Because in this organic manure - dung manure, green manure, and organic insecticides are used, which are cheap.
•    By doing organic farming, the water holding capacity of the soil increases.
•    By doing organic farming, air, water, and land pollution does not spread in nature.
•    This reduces the evaporation of water from the land, as well as increases the water level.
•    By doing organic farming, environmental and ecological balance is maintained.
•    Through organic farming, we get safe, residue-free, and chemical-free food items.
•    With this type of farming, the quality of organic products can be met in the competition of the international market.
•    It shows the way to live a happy life without polluting the human environment, being extremely beneficial for human health.

Knowing the usefulness of organic farming, we can say that organic farming is very important for our life. Because it plays a role in preserving human beings and natural resources like water, air, and land. Along with this, it is helpful to control water, air, and land pollution. At the same time, it plays an important role in providing us with chemical-free nutritious food. That is why we all together should promote organic farming and farmers should be made aware of doing organic farming.


Mr. Anand Rao Azad
Assistant Professor
School of Agriculture
Sage University, Bhopal (M.P.)

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