About SAGE School of Agriculture

The SAGE School of Agriculture at SAGE University Bhopal – SUB is a state of the art school dedicated to serve the nation amongst top

BSC Agriculture College in Bhopal.

The school envisions providing an atmosphere not only for healthy academic activities but also for all-round development of student. The Educational program at School of agriculture, the

best agriculture college in MP

provides transparency, flexibility to pursue a successful career in Agriculture. SAGE University Bhopal – SUB commits to provide accessible infrastructure and competitive scholarship schemes for meritorious students to pursue the course.

In the current academic session, the school will offer 4 year Bachelor of Science (Hons.) program in Agriculture (B.Sc. Hons. Agriculture). The Department well equipped with smart classrooms to provide ambient teaching facilities. Laboratories with advanced instrumentation will felicitate practical oriented teaching substantiated by appropriate teaching and learning methodologies. We aim to provide quality education, best infrastructure for

Agriculture College in Bhopal

and research in the emerging areas of agriculture to bring a change at the grass-root level.


To be a leader in providing knowledge of agriculture and allied science to students supported with well-equipped field and lab research facilities and serve the Indian farmers by disseminating the advanced techniques among them.


Transforming the life of the rural community through the development of agricultural knowledge and agriculture.


  •  To promote excellent education and research for development of sustainable agriculture.
  •  Training courses for skill development for using splendid resources.
  •  Tackling the problems of agriculture, increasing the farmer's income.
  •  Promote new technologies for the improvement of agricultural sustainability.

HOS Message :


Dr. Deepak Kher

SAGE School of Agriculture

Indian is a big country having 138 crores population which is second largest after China. A large population of the country, 58 %, are engaged in agriculture and the sector contributes 17 % in country’s GDP. If we think beyond the data, agriculture is a backbone of the country that provides food for all, therefore, is a noble profession. In addition to this, agriculture also provides raw materials to several agro based industries viz. edible and non edible aromatic oil, fiber, processed food, secondary metabolites for medicinal use, paper, etc. It, therefore, generates employments and basis of livelihood for many people. We have witnessed in Corona pandemic that agriculture showed the positive growth in the country. B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture is a science based applied course which is very necessary to increase the productivity. India has increased its food grain production from 50.82 million ton in 1950-51 to 291.95 million ton in 2019-20. India has showed the remarkable growth in other sector of agriculture also and now become the second largest producer of food grain, second largest of fruits and vegetables and the largest producer of milk. All is possible because of scientific agricultural knowledge and its application to farmers’ filed. India’s population is growing with 1.1 % growth rate and expected to surpass China in 2027. We have a huge pressure on agriculture to feed the increasing mouths. This course enables the youth to take up this challenge to increase the productivity further by the intervention of science and technology in farming and continue to serve the nation for the noble cause. B. Sc. (Hons.) Ag. is 4 years honors degree program at SAGE University, Bhopal based on the fifth Deans’ Committee Report of ICAR. The course is comprehensive enough to enable the students with the scientific background, advanced production technology, theory and practical exposure and experiential learning module. The course will open so many great opportunities after graduation such that to go for post graduate study and research, to do job in Agriculture Department, Banks, Defense, different private sectors of agriculture, food processing industries, and many more.

Advisory Board :



B.Sc. Hons.


Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University,Jhansi



Dr. Dheerendra Khare

Dean Faculty
JNKVV, Jabalpur


M. Sc. Ag. Plant Breeding and Genetics