Success Sutras for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Success Sutras for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of society. Nearly 36% of GDP is contributed by the Entrepreneurs. There was an era when parents could only think about Engineering, Medicine, or Law as a career for their children. Today’s generations are fortunate enough to get lots of avenues to showcase their knowledge, skills, and talent. There are many Programs at Sage University that imbibe the necessary skills in the students. Programs like Bachelors of Interior Design, Bachelors of Apparel design provide hands-on training. On the other hand, Bachelor of Fine Arts Film making, and Computer Graphics, help gain expertise in the work areas which at boon at this time. There are approximately 1000 web series are produced in a year. India’s 70 percent population still lives in villages and India’s economy is an agriculture-based economy. The changing socio-cultural dynamics are offering abundant opportunities in the industry of food processing. Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, helps students realize their potential in the fields directly or indirectly related to Agriculture. The aspiring students of designing and Music can showcase their talent on Youtube channels directly. The opportunities are limitless, only today’s generation needs to spread their wings.


Here are the few Success Sutras for budding entrepreneurs.


  1. Have Gratitude - The first key to success is to have Gratitude towards what you already have. Most of the people in this world keep cribbing on their situations, whereas, there are endless examples of others, who have grown from rugs to riches. The first step is to accept and start from where you are. Everyone will have their own set of challenges. Your kind of life will still be a dream for many.


  1. Go with the flow – Be proactive and vigilant in identifying your interest areas. Write down what you are best at. Nowadays ample opportunities are available in different types of work. Many new courses and opportunities are available for today’s generations. The world is techno-savvy, better supply chain systems are available.


  1. Do not just wish, rather work for it – Make a firm plan and start working on it. It’s like “Now OR NEVER” (Do not procrastinate).


  1. Come out of Comfort Zone – Challenge yourself for searching for solutions. Believe in “Nothing is Impossible”.


  1. Grow slowly and steadily – Take small steps, and grow your business steadily.


  1. Perseverance – If Plan “A” doesn’t work. Change the plan. Not the Goal. Perseverance is the key to success.


  1. Expand your reach gradually – After being stable in your career goals, start growing exponentially. Take leaps and make your dreams come true.


Wish you all the Best.


Dr. Upma Palival

Associate Professor

School of Management

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