Organic Seed Treatment for Evacuation and Control of Virus

Organic Seed Treatment for Evacuation and Control of Virus

- Seed improvement

In the era of granted soil pollution to the breeze of air into micro species, everything is under control of human destruction. But the choice is in the dynamic hands. Seed is the only gift that we can preserve an ecological species in a small shell that gives rise to the whole natural ecosystem.

A shift from agrochemicals to the Biological seed treatment reduces the use of pesticides and fungicides which ultimately results in a lower exposure of growers to chemicals and lessens their impact on the environment, the potential exposure of the soil to agrochemicals also can be limited this way. The protest is to use organic microbes that help the soil to retain its capacity to hold a plant and seed to develop without chemicals and ensure pesticide and disease-free crops.

Seed treatment is a more crucial step after deciding what u sow to grow. Once u sow there will be the growth in which pests, diseases, and viruses attack and destroys the whole harvest. For every destruction, there will be a point in which the vector transfers from one plant to another plant. A seed treatment against vectors can save the whole crop from viruses. Seed treatment includes early germination and prevents seed-borne pathogens and pests.

The mosaic virus is a parasite that destroys plant crops down to their molecular level. Once a plant gets affected by the virus, the infected single plant can spread the virus to the whole crop with the little vectors within 30 sec to 30 min the entire harvest if left untreated.

Once plants are infected, there is no remedy for mosaic viruses. Either we have to prevent or treat seed before infection. Mosaic viruses are primarily propagated by insects, particularly aphids and leafhoppers.

Organic seeds are sown in organic systems: with a focus on soil and plant health, with natural fertilizers and pest control in the sequence of seed treatment with organic pesticides is the theme of this project. This seed treatment provides good insurance against diseases, and soil-borne organism and thus affords protection to weak seeds enabling them to germinate and produce seedlings that fight against insects that transfer those diseases.

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