Hybrid Seeds and Vegetables

Hybrid Seeds and Vegetables

The preparation of a third plant from two different plants is called hybrid. At present, 95 percent of the food and drink items available are hybrid. In this article we will understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid food and its consumption? Whereas the food that comes out of it is used for eating. It is not necessary that only vegetables should be prepared in hybrid way, but flowers, trees, plants can also be prepared by hybrid technology. Looking at the current market, people are increasingly moving towards hybrids. Because in today's time, there is more demand in the market for those items which look good to see, last for a long time. This is the reason why the trend of hybrid food has increased in the last year. It is not necessary that hybrid food should be prepared only in the fields, but in today's time advanced technology of hybrid food is also being developed in the lab.

Not every hybrid food is necessarily healthy!

Not every hybrid food is necessarily healthy. This is because they are created by humans even though they are natural. At present, 90% of the food items we consume are hybrid, from vegetables to fruits, 90% of the goods sold in the market have been developed by hybrid technology only.

Lal Bahadur Shastri brought Green Revolution in India, which is called Green Revolution. This revolution that came in India after independence was based on hybrid technology. This is because earlier there used to be 1.6 qtl. of paddy in one bigha of land, but with the adoption of this technique, one bigha of land started producing 8 qtl. of paddy. With the increase in such yields, there was a sudden increase in the income of the farmers, but after a few years its side effects were also seen. For example, reducing the fertilizer capacity of the fields is one of them.

This is how hybrid food is prepared.

Any plant is prepared by mixing the pollen / pollen of two plants with the hybrid method. This pollen is called hybrid when it is of different species. The same is done with oranges, apples, guavas, bananas, among others. On the other hand, if we talk about the other way, in this method it is prepared artificially inside the lab by changing the gene and cell structure of the plant. Scientists do this by injecting external energy inside the plant in the laboratory. Overall, scientists artificially prepare it in the lab.

Why hybrid food instead of normal food?

In many cases, the hybrid food is more nutritious, tastier and has a longer shelf life than any other food of the same species. At the same time, in some cases, it does not have as much test as compared to fruits and vegetables of the same species, as we expect. Due to the economic value in India, the trend of all people from farmers to hybrid food has increased rapidly. Because it is easy to prepare, high yield, can be stored for a long time. Because of all these specialties, people like hybrid food. In the Indian market, you yourself will feel that the cost of organic food is higher than that of hybrid food. This is because organic food has been prepared naturally with the help of natural fertilizers, while hybrid food is not necessarily prepared with the same technology. On the other hand, if you buy vegetables in malls abroad, there is a separate category of hybrid food and a separate category of organic food. From where you can shop for any food, vegetables, etc. Let us take brown rice as an example, the price of good brown rice in the Indian market ranges from 750-thousand rupees. While it has a very late maturity, it has a high vitamin content with a low yield.

Hybrid vegetables and fruits are available throughout the year.

Dietician Sanchita Guha says that at present we see that we get bananas, oranges, watermelon and other fruits and vegetables throughout the year, this is possible only because of hybrid food. It is not entirely true that hybrid food or hybrid vegetables do not contain nutrients, but many hybrid foods have higher nutritional content than other foods.

People cheat in order to earn more.

There are many people in India who sell vegetables and fruits by injecting them in order to earn more. It is very difficult to identify it without lab test. Because there are many antibiotics in the injection which can harm our body. It is very fatal for the body, so it is important to buy vegetables from trusted places only.

What is Genetically Modified Food and GMO?

In general, genetically modified food is called GMO. The meaning of GMO is that plants and animals that have been genetically engineered from DNA, bacteria, viruses of other plants and animals have been prepared. Generally, people do this to increase the yield. During research, it has been found that due to GM genetically modified food, if consumed along with environmental damage, physical harm can also occur. According to the Centre for Food Safety, if an attempt is made to genetically modify plants and animals, then we may have to face a lot of trouble in the 21st century. There are toxic and allergic reactions in genetically modified food, due to which we can fall ill, while our body parts can also be damaged.

So next time it’s your choice to select the hybrid or organic or natural. Stay Safe!

Dr. Atul Madhao Pradhan
Assistant Professor,
School of Agriculture,
SAGE University, Bhopal (M.P.)

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