Strategy to Make Success in Civil Service

Strategy to Make Success in Civil Service

Civil service is a powerful medium to make a person's life better, which plays a remarkable role not only in personal life but also in social life. Madhya Pradesh government conducts recruitment every year for the studies of MPPSC. Here is the golden mark for the aspirant who wants to join the civil service. Those who are qualified candidates can make their future by being successful in this examination, but to be successful in these examinations, taking care of something are essential.

Every Subject must be read in detail

In the last year of the month of July of MPPSC Prelims exams, there was a big change in the exam pattern. Till now, questions were asked from deep inside the subject for the first time in this examination, which was limited to general knowledge of every subject. Due to this now it has become necessary that students now read every subject completely from PSC level books.

It is very important to remember Facts and know
Facts used to be required for prelims till now, but since the year of the main exam, the word limit has been worked so much that now the same person can be successful who can give maximum information in minimum words. So now for the main exam also there will be a need to remember more and more facts about each subject so that your answer looks different and attractive from others.

Strong Self-belief
However, MPPSC Syllabus is very big and is difficult for new students to go through all in a year but the integrated subject approach is key to making it. To complete the syllabus in one year for this, the student should have discipline in their studies and have self-confidence in themselves.

Practice writing new questions
Once considered a test of well-known repeated questions, MPPSC is now asking new and unexpected questions every time. In general, new questions are being asked every year in the main examination, so now it has become necessary for the students that every topic should be seen as new and practice those in an efficient manner.

Reading local newspaper is very important
Now the number of questions related to current affairs has increased a lot in both the levels of the MPPSC exam. The special thing is that the current affairs which are asked in this exam. It can be covered only by the local newspaper because news related to Madhya Pradesh government is published in maximum detail only in local newspapers.

Be Enthusiastic throughout the year
Sometimes it takes more than a year to complete the process of this examination. But in this entire period, if the contestant loses even for a minute, he is out of an exam. In such a situation, there is a need for keeps on motivating you to do something new.


Dr. Dristipal Parihar
School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Sage University Bhopal

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