The Skin of Tilapia Fish: A Successful Exercise for the Treatment of Burns

The Skin of Tilapia Fish: A Successful Exercise for the Treatment of Burns

Tilapia is a fish that can be cultivated anywhere on the planet. Generally,Tilapia is a prolific breeder & it can survive in low oxygenated water even polite water also. In India, Tilapia farming is very popular for its adaptation quality & low-cost management. Tilapia fish is enriched with protein, vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, niacin, choline, selenium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, etc. Scientists are reported that Tilapia fish is a superior source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Tilapia skin contains a vast amount of moisture & Type 1 collagen protein that is used to treat secondary burn treatment.

According to the world health organization, Injury by burning is a universal health problem and it’s an immense curse for the people of middle & low-income countries. Usually, the skin is injured by burn through different mode acting as high heat, radiation, electricity, radioactivity, friction or contact with burning chemicals. The skin of Tilapia help to heal the burn more quickly than any other skin grafting treatment process.

Skin grafting is commonly applied on a burn patient when doctors extract a thin layer of skin from the healthier part of the patient skin and place it on the top of the burn site. After a couple of days, the grafted skin will start to form a new skin over the injured skin. In the skin grafting method, a genetically modified pig’s skin is utilized for performing the whole task. Application of Tilapia skin proves double time more viable and effective for pain management & reduced healing time than utilizing pig’s skin, human donor or silicone gel to a treat the burn patient. Collagen content of Tilapia skin also act as an influencer to growepidermal & fibroblast growth factor expression which can initiate the proliferation of fibroblast & keratinocytes.

A few days ago, traditional gauge bandages & human donor skin were utilized to treatment of the burn patient. This treatment procedure was very painful, often expensive, and sometimes infeasible compared to Tilapia fish skin treatment. Exactly, Tilapia skin is used as a bandage on the burn site and before application, it undergoes a sterilization process to remove the germs & smell also. The specific level of collagen content in Tilapia’s skin and equivalent anatomy of human skin assists to regenerate tissue by acting graft. For the first time, A National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) registered animal skin such as Nile Tilapia fish for the management of burns.

Tilapia is called aquatic chicken for its sweetness in test & flashy meat. To save the indigenous species from being extinct from natural sources monosex Tilapia are cultured with a different type of fishes. For getting optimum production from the culture system proper food & disease management are essential.

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