The Best Computer Science Engineering awaits you at SAGE University

The Best Computer Science Engineering awaits you at SAGE University

The study of the theoretical underpinnings of information and computation, as well as practical strategies for their implementation and use in computer systems, is known as computer science. Computer engineers design algorithmic methods that produce, describe, and change data, as well as appropriate abstractions to represent complicated systems. There are several subfields within computer science; some, such as computational complexity theory, examine the features of computational problems, whilst others, such as computer graphics, focus on the calculation of specific outputs.

Others concentrate on the difficulties of implementing calculations. Programming language theory, for example, investigates approaches to describing computations, whereas computer programming employs specific programming languages to solve specific computational problems, and human-computer interaction investigates the challenges of making computers and computations useful, usable, and universally accessible to humans. 

The Department of Computer Science Engineering at SAGE University is the top ten private engineering colleges in Bhopal. Engineering programs at SUB provide a stimulating and accessible course of study that is required to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and social context, as well as analysis and current engineering issues that students can develop and apply shortly. The programs enable students of varying skills and educational backgrounds to derive academic and vocational benefits from their engineering studies, positioning the School of Engineering and Technology as one of the premier engineering institutes in Bhopal. USPs of our Programs that you should consider before you go for your dream education as:

•    Choice Centered Credit System (CBCS)-Skill courses based on: AI ML, IoT, Python, and Data Analytics Industry Oriented Syllabus & Pool of Electives Courses Industry Representatives on the Board of Studies

•    Project-based learning vs. activity-based learning

•    Sales Force, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, JAVA programming, and other placement-oriented courses are available at the Center of Excellence in Data Science, High-Performance Computing, and Digital Technology.

•    R&D faculties with national and international exposure financial assistance for publications and the Incubation Center for Research Projects (Many Start-ups ongoing)

•    Membership in Professional Societies -IEEE, ISTE, ACM

•    Student-Centered Education Assignments based on MOOCS-NPTEL, Industrial Visit, Hackathon, GD, Forum Activities, Guest Lectures, Paper Presentation Competition, and so on are examples of activities.

Salesforce, Tableau, Blockchain, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, Android, PostgreSQL, Python, R, Weka, Hadoop, Data Analytics, Cisco packet tracer, Wireshark, NS2, MATLAB, WordPress, Proteus & Keil, Agile Development are some of the cutting-edge technologies available. Courses based on skills are available. Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Android, Big Data, Machine Learning Algorithms, Blockchain Technology, Digital Marketing, Embedded Systems, Java Programming, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Areas of specialization of the faculty are Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Analytics, Decision Support Systems, Information Retrieval Systems, Expert System Design, Natural Language Processing, Cloud Computing, Blockchain Technology, Digital Forensics, Internet of Things, Soft Computing and Optimization, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Evolving Systems, Networking & Network Security, Programming, Real-Time System, Wireless Sensor Networks, Human-Computer Interaction C#, and VB.Net are used in Microsoft Visual Studio.Net.

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