SAGE Tech Valley: Celebrating Technology, Innovation, and Cultural Life

SAGE Tech Valley: Celebrating Technology, Innovation, and Cultural Life

Growth is never limited to academics. It becomes necessary to bring out social skills, intellectual skills, and aids in personality progress. It enhances the learning process of every individual. The SAGE University is organizing a technical festival, “Tech Valley” which is slated to take place on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of May 2023, and is expected to draw in students from across India, wherein the postulants are proffered a platform to flaunt and exhibit their countless talents and forte.

The Tech Fest is a fantastic opportunity for students to represent their colleges and universities and win exciting prizes. The competitions are designed to challenge students and have their minds developed to think outside the box. Tech Valley brings great ways for students to connect with their peers and learn from one another.

The national-level technical fest offers a wide range of activities for students to participate in, including technical events, cultural events, literary events, and events from the sciences, among others. With 9 streams and 27 competitions, there is something for everyone at the Tech Fest.

Students have the opportunity to evaluate themselves, learn new things, and gain valuable experience that will serve them well in their future careers. Various colleges can participate in diverse activities like Crime Scene Investigation, Poster-Making Competitions, Working Model Making, Business Plans, New startup or innovative ideas, Stock market games, Code Yudh, Technical Poster Presentation, ReelOTECH, Travel Vlog, Photography Contest, Short film-making Competition, etc. which is an excellent platform for students to showcase their skills and talents in various fields such as technology, culture, literature, sciences, etc.

The technical events are particularly exciting, as they give students the chance to showcase their coding, programming, and engineering skills. The cultural events are equally fascinating, as they allow students to showcase their talents in dance, music, and drama. Literary events provide a platform for students to showcase their writing skills, while events from sciences enable them to showcase their knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts.

After the backbreaking of the talented postulants, they will be rewarded with attractive prizes like cash prizes, vouchers, etc. The participants in the Tech Valley will undoubtedly gain a lot from the experience and come away with a renewed sense of confidence in their abilities.

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