Health Benefits of Drumstick Plant

Health Benefits of Drumstick Plant

The botanical name of drumstick is Moringa Oleifera. It is also called Moringa and Drumstick. The highest production of drumstick is in India. In Ayurveda, this legume vegetable has been said to be as beneficial as nectar.

A.    Drumstick flower increases sexual ability:-

 Drumstick flowers have properties like antioxidant, anthelmintic ie insect killer, hepatoprotective (liver protecting) and antibiotic. Apart from this, it also has the properties of reducing inflammation, reducing cholesterol, improving sexual ability and preventing muscle problems.

B.    Rich in nutrients:-

     According to a study, its leaves have 7 times more vitamins than oranges, 3 times more calcium than milk, 36 times more magnesium than eggs. At the same time, 24 times more iron than spinach, 3 times more potassium than banana is available. It is used in making vegetables and pickles.

C.    Reduce the effects of aging:-

 Drumstick or its leaves can be included in the diet. Its consumption can help in reducing the effects of aging on your face. Not only this, its seeds can also help in reducing the effects of aging on the skin at a young age.

D.    Beneficial in stomach pain and ulcers:-

 Consuming drumstick or drumstick leaves can prevent many stomach problems such as stomach pain and ulcers. It has anti-ulcer properties, due to which its consumption can prevent the risk of ulcer. At the same time, we have already informed you above that it can also provide relief from liver problems. Not only this, its bark is also useful for the stomach, it can help in improving digestion.

E.    Drumstick flower to reduce stress:-

     Use of drumstick flower can be beneficial. Actually, drumstick flowers have antioxidant properties. It can keep the skin healthy by reducing the risk of oxidative stress. However, research is still needed directly in this subject.

F.    Drumstick bark is beneficial in sciatica, arthritis, liver:

     Consumption of drumstick bark is beneficial in sciatica, arthritis, liver. Mixing honey in drumstick bark and drinking it cures Vata and Kapha diseases. Drinking a decoction of its leaves is beneficial in arthritis, sciatica, paralysis, air disorders. A decoction made from the root of drumstick provides relief in acute pain of sciatica. Grind drumstick leaves and add mustard oil to it and cook it on the flame, and apply it where there is a sprain, this recipe will give you quick relief.

Easy way of Moringa plantation: - 

    To plant Moringa cuttings or seeds in a pot, first of all, take a medium or large pot as per your wish. Now take 50% coco-peat and 50% vermicompost (earthworm manure or cow dung) and mix both well. Then fill it in the pot. After the potting mix is done, take seeds or cuttings.When you are growing moringa in a pot or grow bag, first fill the pot with well-drained potting soil and plant the moringa seed about 1 inch deep. You can plant two to three seeds 4-5 inches apart in a grow bag or pot.


Dr. Jaya Sharma
Associate professor School of Agriculture
SAGE University Bhopal

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