BBA or B.Com: Which Degree is the Best after the 12th Class?

BBA or B.Com: Which Degree is the Best after the 12th Class?

Every student has a very confusing time choosing what to pursue after the 12th class. Choosing the right course leads to a successful future ahead. For the last few years, India has been thriving in the business and entrepreneurship sectors. So, choosing a career path in business can be a great choice. 

But, which course to choose in business to get a career with opportunities? Indeed, it is a tough choice. BBA degree and B Com degree courses are usually picked by the students from the commerce stream. However, the choice gets difficult as these courses are quite similar. 

But be it a BBA degree or a B Com degree pursuing it from SAGE University Bhopal, the best private university in Bhopal will surely help you in a better and successful future. 

Confused about what to choose? Worry not! We will help you get the answer. Just keep on reading the blog!

What is a BBA Degree?

BBA is a three-year full-time course that stands for the Bachelor of Business Administration. In this course, students prepare themselves for careers in management, finance, accounting, and several fields related to business. 

This program equips students with the managerial abilities, operational knowledge, and marketing strategies that help in career and personal growth.

The list of subjects in the BBA degree:

•    Fundamentals of Management & Organizational Behavior
•    Legal Aspects of Business
•    Quantitative Techniques for Management
•    Business Policy and Strategy
•    Statistics for Business Decisions
•    Management Accounting
•    Healthcare Management
•    Business Research
•    Human Resource Management
•    Financial Institutions and Markets
•    Financial Management
•    Business Communication

What is the Scope of a BBA Degree?

With the increase in the number of startups, the demand for management graduates is rising significantly. The degree opens a world of opportunities for graduates. The degree is not only highly valued in the private sector but also is a gateway to opportunities in the government sector. 

You can prepare for several government entrance exams and serve the country in the respective fields. Moreover, this course is excellent for students who wish to become entrepreneurs. 

What are the career options after completing a BBA?

Once you have completed your graduation in BBA, you become eligible to work in different renowned companies across the world. Some of the job opportunities are:

•    Business Administration Research 
•    Finance Manager 
•    Human Resource Manager 
•    Research and Development Manager 
•    Information Systems Manager 
•    Marketing Manager 
•    Sales Manager 
•    Recruiting Coordinator 
•    Entrepreneur 
•    Organizational Communication 

Are there any Options for Higher Studies after BBA?

After graduation from a BBA, you can explore several opportunities for higher education. Some of the prominent degrees you can opt for are MBA, CA, CS, Law, Management, or degrees as per your interest and choice.

What is a BCom Degree?

A bachelor of commerce is a three-year undergraduate degree. It is the most popular degree opted by students with a commerce background. It includes the study of finance, accounts, economics, and industrial policies. It offers a wide range of job offers in the field of commerce with high professional growth. 

The list of subjects in the B Com degree
•    Legal Aspects of Business
•    Quantitative Techniques for Management
•    Business Policy & Strategy
•    Human Resource Management
•    Financial Management
•    Business Communication
•    Statistics for Business Decisions
•    Management Accounting
•    Healthcare Management
•    Business Research
•    Fundamentals of Management & Organizational Behavior

What is the Scope of the BCom Degree?

There are a range of career options available after a B Com degree, you don’t have to do any other degree after graduation. You can immediately start working in a junior or trainee position. You can also opt for a career in jobs in government organizations and national competitive exams. 

What are the career options after completing a BCom?

There are several options available after a BCom degree. A few of them are listed below: 
•    Accountant 
•    Auditor 
•    Consultant 
•    Company Secretary 
•    Business Analyst 
•    Sales Analyst 
•    Stock Broker 
•    Economist 
•    Business Development Manager 
•    Tax Consultant 
•    Marketing Coordinator 
•    Supply Chain Manager 
•    Human Resource Officer 

Are there any Options for Higher Education after B Com? 

The B Com degree will allow you to go for higher studies in several streams such as M Com. MBA, CS, CA, Chartered Finance Analyst, Computer Application, and a lot more. 

Which Course Is the Best BBA or B Com?

Choosing between BBA and B Com is your personal choice. Both degrees have leeway for great career growth. If you are more inclined to the management jobs then you should choose a BBA degree. On the other hand, if you are more into accounts, finance, or management, B Com is an ideal choice for you. 

The thing that matters the most is your potential and the way you develop your skills. So, depending on what skill you carry and can develop in the direction, choose what suits you right. 

Here are a few things you can consider while choosing a course for you. 

•    Keep your interest in mind 
•    Know what your plans are after graduation 
•    Read about the scope of the degree 
•    Take note of your skills and the subjects you are good at 

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The Final Say

SAGE University Bhopal is one of the best private universities in Bhopal. We offer both a BBA degree and a B Com degree. With over seventeen years of education and excellence, we have become the undisputed placement leader. Therefore, no matter which degree you choose, you can rely on SAGE for your successful future. All the best!

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