Event Management: A Dynamic Career Option

Event Management: A Dynamic Career Option

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to think differently to mint their profits and even survive. Several people lost their jobs or compromised their positions and salaries.

It is required to re-think and re-establish the business at both the organizational and individual levels. Organizations are finding ways to collaborate or to outsource business activities so that they can cope with uncertainties like Covid 19.

On the other hand, people are searching for and developing knowledge and skillsets to meet the organization's expectations. 

A degree in Event Management could be a good option to overcome these challenges. It will help the aspirants to develop the required knowledge and skills and to become successful entrepreneurs.

There are several opportunities for aspiring event professionals at present. They can work as an event planner and can organize various events ranging from conferences to high-end galas; as wedding planners, they can turn the special day into a beautiful memory for the couple to cherish; as venue managers, they can manage the event venues whether it is an arena, concert hall, ballroom, logistics, layout or an ambiance. There is another opportunity for the aspirants to become sponsorship coordinators. These professionals help huge events generate revenue and make them a grand success by contributing towards a noble cause. Working as a catering service manager is another good option where they can exhibit their innate skills from planning to service.

Nowadays, social media has become an inherent part of everybody's life and thus, leaves a broader scope to work as an event social media coordinator to promote events. There are many more opportunities available. The world for aspiring event professionals is fast-paced and exciting. 

Only a few universities in Central India provide a degree in Event Management. SAGE University Bhopal (SUB) is the best choice for building a career in the field of event management.


Dr. Prashant Kumar Siddhey
HOD, School of Management
Shristi Bhowmick
Assistant Professor, School of Commerce

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