BCA Vs. BTech Computer Science: Which is the Best Course after Class 12?

BCA Vs. BTech Computer Science: Which is the Best Course after Class 12?

The last few years have seen tremendous advancement and a wave of technical development. Technology plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It has made life easy, digital, and fast. Nearly everyone today uses technology developed by engineering in high-tech settings. 

This growing technology has raised a demand for better tech and jobs in the market. Most students who have opted for science in class 12th face the dilemma of choosing between Bachelor of Application (BCA) and Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) programs. 

Therefore, to resolve this confusion of BCA Vs. BTech we have curated this blog only for you! Read, research, and understand what is better for you!

What is the BCA Program?

BCA is an undergraduate degree that stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. It provides insights into the world of computers. This three-year course focuses on practical skills and problems in computer systems and their applications. This program is popular among students interested in studying and developing computer applications, hardware, programming, and fields related to computers. 

Know the Eligibility Criteria for the BCA Program

Eligibility is one of the vital factors when applying for a BCA program. If you want to pursue higher education in India you must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

•    Must have completed class 12th or senior secondary school with at least 50% 

•    The minimum age is 17 and the maximum ranges from 22 to 25 years old. 

•    Sometimes the admission is based on a personal interview and written examination 

•    The merit is based on performance in the qualifying exam and 12th class.  

What are the Reasons to Pursue BCA?

Here we have listed a few reasons for you to make an informed choice about pursuing BCA. 

1. A BCA degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of several computer science principles, algorithms, and programming languages. 

2. Choosing a BCA course is essential as Sage University Bhopal, the best university in Bhopal, MP offers an industry-relevant curriculum and the best placements. 

3. The course goes beyond theoretical knowledge and emphasizes more on practical projects, internships and industry collaborations. 

4. With the emerging technology across various industries, there is a growing demand for skilled computer application professionals.

5. The course opens doors to a wide range of career options in software development, computer application, cybersecurity, data analytics, and more. 

What is the Average Salary of BCA Graduates? 

The average salary a BCA graduate can expect in the private sector is between INR 3-6 Lakhs Per Annum while in the government sector, one can expect a salary between INR 2-5 Lakh Per Annum.

However, the more experience the more lucrative packages. The good package not only depends on your degree but also on your soft skills and experience.

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What is the B Tech CSE Program?

B Tech is a full-time four-year undergraduate course that stands for Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering. The course studies practice and theoretical knowledge about computer hardware and software. Its curriculum covers the study of programming languages, algorithms, database management systems, operating systems, artificial intelligence, and computer networks. 

Know the Eligibility Criteria of B Tech Course 

Before applying for admission to the School of Engineering and Technology, the best engineering college, you should know the eligibility criteria first. Here are the criteria you must fulfill to pursue a B Tech course. 

•    Candidates must have passed the 12th standard with the Science stream. 

•    Candidates must have at least 50 percent or more in the qualifying exam. 

•    Must have majored in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in high school. 

•    Sometimes the admission is based on a personal interview and written examination.

What are the Reasons to Pursue B Tech CSE?

There are several reasons you can pursue B Tech CSE. A few of them are listed below: 

1. The first and foremost reason for applying to the B Tech course is your interest in the subject. If you love computers and want to learn more about them, it is the right choice for you. 

2. There are several opportunities for career growth. Several national and international companies hire science engineers at high-packages and in well-known positions.

3. Computer science engineers have secure jobs as every sector requires proficient, effective, trained engineers. If you have skills and knowledge, your job is secured. 

4. In the B Tech courses you have a chance to choose specializations as per your interest and skills. For example, if you are interested in software development, web development, mobile application development, or cybersecurity analysis you can choose to study artificial intelligence. 

5. You can choose a renowned degree like M Tech or MBA after completing your B Tech in Computer Science Engineering. 

What is the Average Salary of B.Tech CSE Students?

More than the degree, your salary depends on your skill set and experience. There are several jobs and internships in this sector for you to have tremendous career growth. However, the average salary can range between 4-5 Lakh Per Annum for the graduates and 6-10 Lakh Per Annum for the experienced engineers.

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BCA Vs. BTech CSE: Which is Better?

For students who desire to study computer science and information technology, both are good choices after the 12th class. However, a student pursuing B  Tech has a better career choice than BCA students. A BCA degree can land you jobs like junior programming and software testing whereas B Tech prepares you to work with computers at the technical level. Both the courses are quite the same and have nearly the same salary packages. 
The choice depends on your interests and skill set. So, do a good research and then decide.

The Final Say

Both the programs offer different advantages and the decision should be guided by considering personal growth and professional interest. Sage University Bhopal offers both BCA and B Tech that epitomizes new age learning. We are highly regarded for our high-quality education, constructive teaching pattern, and placement record. 

Therefore, if you are ready to take the next step towards a brighter future, apply at SAGE University, Bhopal, and open the world of opportunities. All the best!

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