Industry 4.0 and Advent of Careers in New Technologies in India

Industry 4.0 and Advent of Careers in New Technologies in India

Industry 4.0 calls for the digitization of production and business processes in order to build Smart Factories. The goals are to boost production, enhance efficiency, and provide new sales possibilities. It also provides chances for your career. Importantly, we are merely at the start of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. In truth, we have a sense of what a Smart Factory is when we hear the word, but there is no real-life model to offer as an example. This is due to the fact that some of the technologies that will be used in future Smart Factories have yet to be invented. What career does it mean to have in this field? Simply said, skilled experts are required to create the technologies, business processes, implementation strategies, and support solutions that will enable Industry 4.0 to become a reality.

In other words, Industry 4.0 offers a diverse set of professional opportunities in a variety of fields.

Present Situation

Manufacturers across several sectors are studying and implementing Industry 4.0 technology. This includes topics such as how to automate a manufacturing process. It also includes technologies that provide real-time data in a comprehensible format to help with decision-making and critical business planning. Robot technology, including autonomous cars, is being used in factories all around the world. The cloud is also becoming increasingly significant, with outdated in-house IT infrastructures being replaced by more flexible, adaptive, and secure cloud alternatives. In other words, Industry 4.0 will not begin at some point in the future. Instead, it is right now. Most businesses deploy Industry 4.0 in stages, but you can bet they are either actively implementing a solution that falls under the industry 4.0 banners or thinking about the next project they should approve. All of this indicates that the time has come to start thinking about a future career in Industry 4.0.

Best job roles in the industry 4.0 Careers are dominated as Controls Systems Engineer, Automation Engineer, Validation Engineer, Equipment Systems Engineer, Data Scientist, Robotics Engineer, IT Solution Architect, UI and UX Designer, and Project Manager. How Can You Benefit from Industry 4.0 Career Opportunities?

If you are already pursuing a degree or are about to begin, you should select engineering courses that focus on the specializations required by Industry 4.0 businesses. Furthermore, ongoing upskilling is essential. This is true regardless of your career level since the technologies, knowledge, and skills necessary to provide, maintain, and develop Industry 4.0 solutions are always developing. Then, explore possibilities with organizations that are at the forefront of Industry 4.0 technology development and application. For example, SL Controls provides Factory Automation, controls, and validation systems, as well as technologies that make factories actually smarter.

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