BBA and MBA is Where the Future of Business Exists

BBA and MBA is Where the Future of Business Exists

Several short-term courses thoroughly train students in a particular field and prepare them to begin their careers with good job profiles. Integrated courses like these are gaining unanimous momentum and popularity among the younger generation as these courses promise the same academic structure with the same fee as a traditional course. The only distinction is that you can complete the course in a shorter duration. These courses are available for students completing their senior secondary education and do not require work experience of any kind. One such course is a BBA MBA Integrated course which we will discuss in a detailed manner through this blog.

The program's coursework is constructed in such a way that applicants get insights into the business world from basic basics to advanced-level tactics all at once. A BBA MBA integrated degree may be completed in 5 years, with the first three years concentrated on the bachelor's course BBA and the latter two on core MBA. Along with corporate leadership skills and business functioning, applicants will study a variety of optional disciplines such as French, Business History, Psychology, Sociology, and so on over the first three years. After completing the bachelor's section, students will be awarded a BBA degree and invited to select a specialization based on their plans.

Aside from the basic MBA, SAGE University provides specializations in areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, supply chain management, and so on. As you progress through the second half of the course, the emphasis will be entirely on teaching best practices so that candidates can deal with various managing-level difficulties. You may also learn how to improve an organization's business by employing cross-cultural management ideas and procedures. In terms of a thorough syllabus for both degrees, an integrated course combining BBA and MBA provides an advantage. A BBA MBA Integrated program allows you to begin your corporate training immediately after graduating from high school. Because of the time constraints, there are no repeating studies, allowing students to graduate with an advanced management education early in this degree. This program does not require students to take competitive admission tests regularly. Most institutes believe in a common admission examination for the course; nevertheless, some colleges have their entrance exams for this subject.

Candidates must be clear about their future goals before enrolling in school, as they may not have the opportunity to change careers after completing the BBA degree. Choose a renowned university that offers this education; only then will you be able to pursue greater work chances. It is best to be clear on the curriculum that will be followed throughout the program. Check that you do not have to restart the admission procedure while going from a BBA to an MBA program. Candidates who have passed their 12th board examinations are eligible to apply for the BBA MBA program. To apply for this program, aspirants must have a minimum of 60% in their 12th grade. Candidates from any discipline are welcome to apply. Prospective students should have taken school-level examinations in both English and Hindi.

We are pleased to inform you that admissions for the year 2024 will be held on the 6th and 7th, of April 2024. Interested students can apply on the university's website. The SAGE Entrance Exam is required for admission to SAGE University Bhopal (SEE). To be qualified to sit the admission exams, students must have a 10+2 grade point average of at least 60%. Meritorious students will be granted scholarships in their respective fields. Students with more than 95 percent marks in their 10+2, regardless of state or board, will be awarded a full scholarship by the University.

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