SAGE Billiards & Snooker Nationals 2021, Students Got Chance To Interact With Pankaj Advani 

SAGE Billiards & Snooker Nationals 2021, Students Got Chance To Interact With Pankaj Advani 

Students of SAGE University grabbed the chance to interact with Pankaj Advani and Vidya Pillai. Students asked questions to Pankaj Advani regarding the importance of sports. "Any sport needs dedication, passion, and hard work to succeed. So, first, play different games and then choose the Sports  of your interest." "Billiards and Snooker is a very beneficial game, and it improves eye contacts, focus, and concentration, and also improves the coordination of hands and eyes," he added. Vidhya Pillai said, " There is no age limit to start your career in Sports." While asking about a career in Sports, Pankaj said, "In sports fields, people understand the importance of Sports in life. There are many professionals you can pursue like sports psychiatrists, trainers, nutritionists, etc. "An early age, Sports develops confidence, sportsmanship, and team building in school-going students," Vidhya added. In addition, Pankaj complemented the existing infrastructure available at the SAGE University and if the game of cue sports is included in the curriculum of the SAGE University as an additional subject, it would be beneficial for aspirants. Ar. Shivani Agrawal, ED, SAGE University also suggested that one should pursue at least one sport in his life. 

The ongoing SAGE Six Red Snooker Championship 2021 gave ample proof on the ninth day of the 37 days long competition being played here at the SAGE University Campus organized by Madhya Pradesh Billiards & Snooker Association with the collaboration of the SAGE group under the auspices of the Billiards & Snooker Federation of India that the Six Red Snooker format, just like a T-20 competition in cricket, is a game of glorious uncertainties. 

The star attraction of the Sixth Red Snooker Championship and defending champion of the event, Pankaj Advani, met his downfall today morning at the hands of his PSPB team mate Dhvaj Haria. The most upcoming youngster in the game of  cue sports in the country Dhvaj was all poise and grace as he shocked Pankaj by 5-2 frames in the last 16 stage of the competition. 

The scores in favour of the winner were 60-05, 52-07, 45-06, 38-28, 04-60, 00-47, and 49-11. Right from the start of this high profile match, Dhvaj was in his elements showing deep concentration, flawless potting and a confident strategy, not allowing Pankaj to find his usual rhythm. 

Pankaj who in the last two days, had been showing strains of indecisiveness  finally met his 
match in this encounter. Compiling breaks of a 60 in the first frame, a 52 in the second frame, and continuing to mount considerable pressure in the third and fourth ahead to lead by 4-0 frames. Pankaj somehow managed to get back in the fifth and sixth frames but Dhvaj had the last say by pocketing the seventh frame comfortably to win. 

In another very well contested nine frames tie, which went the full distance. Shivam Arora of Maharashtra beat J. Varun Kumar of Tamilnadu by 5-4 frames, the scores in favour of Shivam were 66-00, 00-66, 01-32, 05-40, 70-00, 71-00, 11-34, 10-61, and 42-01. Meanwhile, Himanshu Jain of Telangana in another match derailed Malkeet Singh of Railway Sports Promotion Board by 5-2 frames. Finally, Brijesh Damani of Petroleum Sports Promotion Board beat his teammate and international player Aditya Maheta by 5-2 frames in another match.

Vijay Nichani of Tamilnadu beat Anuj Uppal of Delhi by 5-3 frames, Manan Chandra From PSPB beat Kreish Gurubaxani by 5-3 frames, Kamal Chawla From RSPB beat Mohmmad Hussain of RSPB by 5-3 frames, S. Shri Krishna of PSPB beat R.Girish of RSPB by 5-2 frames. 

Young and talented Karnataka star lady player Varshaa Sanjeev stormed into the final of the Six Red Ladies Snooker National Championship with a resounding victory over her statemate and international player Chitra Maghimairaj by 4-0 frames. Such was the domination of Varsha that veteran Chitra could only manage to pot only six reds in the four frames that were played. Varsha was a picture of absolute concentration, rhythmic cue-delivery, and meticulous planning combined with precision potting during her majestic victory; this was the first semi-final. 

In the other semifinal at the time of writing this report, Vidya Pillai from Karnataka was engaged in a duel of supremacy, playing against the star cueist of Anupama Ramachandra. Earlier in the quarter final, which finished in the afternoon. Varshaa had defeated Amee Kamani from Madhya Pradesh by 4-3 frames. 

Vidhya Pillai had prevailed over Neena Pravin of Tamilnadu by 4-2 frames. Anupama Ramchandra had downed Arantxa Sanchis of Maharashtra by 4-2 frames. While in the last quarter-final, Chitra got the better of Keerthana Pandian by 4-2 frames.

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