True, Undying Hope is a Conscious Decision

True, Undying Hope is a Conscious Decision

Lao tzu took a case of his disciple by claiming that - “if any part of the tree is destroyed, one too, becomes less to the extent”. The claim was further explained by Osho, he stated - “man is a small creature, who spends all his life in a corner of his house. He knows not of the vast world outside”

Man is totally unaware of the clouds that glide in the skies, he does not see the flowers blooming on the trees, nor does he hear the songs of birds in the spring. For instance in the book “Silent Spring” thousands of birds suddenly fell down from trees and died due to some fault in the atomic energy research experiments. This catastrophe in England hushed the spring into silence.

Well the question now arises is, would dying of birds make any changes?

Well, YES!! Everything is interconnected. A slight difference and everything changes. Lao Tzu says, “let things be as they are”.

Do not segregate the opposites of the world. That which seems hostile and unfriendly to you, let even that be where it is, for the pattern of nature is deep and profound and full of mystery.
Buddhism teaches that each life is the limitless life force of the cosmos. Aham Brahmasmi !!, means i am Brahma. The same power which exists within moves the universe.

Each inner dimension of one’s individual life when subjected to change has the power to transform society. This process of inner transformation is called “human revolution”. When we change our inner determination everything begins to move in a new direction. But if we think, “this is never going to work out”, then every cell in our body will be deflated and give up the fight.

“Hope, in this sense, is a decision. “Hope is a flame that we nurture within our hearts. It may be sparkled by someone else, but it must be kept burning through our own determination.'' Most crucial is our determination to continue to believe in the limitless dignity and possibilities of both of us and others. There may be times when, confronted by cruel reality, we verge on losing all hope, it is time to create some. When we can do this by digging deeper within, searching for an even smaller glimmer of light. If your hopes are not directed towards the fulfillment of personal desires, but based on a wish for all people’s happiness you will always be filled with extraordinary conviction and confidence.

Take action towards your goal and embark the challenge of creating a new reality and that is how true undying hope is to be found. Within yourself which you seeked in outside world by trying to change its basic nature and as Lao Tzu wished by his words - “Let Things be as they are” will be left undisturbed and thus leading to balance of universe which works on the principle of directing its energies in both the direction.

Ms. Swejal Sharma
Assistant Professor
School of Arts Humanities And Social Sciences
SAGE University Bhopal

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