Impact Of Moral Values On Your Life

Impact Of Moral Values On Your Life


Dalai Lama 

Human values are Acceptance, Respect Appreciation Listening, Affection, and love towards human being. Your values have a significant impact on the foundation of life. The first step is your home and your parents Your values will influence your decisions related to your career and relationships other activities.

Some people choose their values. Instead and some adopt the values of their parents and society. The Moral that you internalized as a child remains with you through adulthood Unfortunately, these values may also have created a life that is carrying you down a path. Many of us have education, but we are not educated. Having a degree is not mean that you are educated but it means, we have only education with us. Value education can take place anywhere like at home, school, college, and university. Value +Education = Value Education. Education’s purpose is to replicate a relatively close mind with an open one. Value means the importance of something. Any natural or human-made disaster can never harm the value of education. Honestly, the way you were raised is the first step in identifying the values that you grow up in a good manner. Parents value, and what values did they impress upon you—in regards to wealth achievement education status, religion,  independence, or appearance? Think back to your childhood and ask yourself, What values were emphasized in the way your parents lived their lives? What values were stressed in your family? Were values reflected in the way you were rewarded or punished? The cognitive process of ‘deconstruction’ provides emphasis on reflection on the values you contemporarily reflect. 

What do you do for a living? — A corporate lawyer, a school teacher, or a wildlife photographer? It is probably safe to say that someone who becomes an investment banker has a different school teacher has different values. It may vary, but one might assume that the investment banker values money, while the teacher values education and helping children. Where do you spend your money—a home, cars, travel, clothing, education, art, charity? Finance is a limited resource for most people, they will use their money in ways that they value most. You can think and ask yourself if your current values are the same as those you grew up with as you consciously choose to discard some values from your childhood upbringing and evolve to attain new ones.  Experience with people who live unsatisfying lives portrays that the values they grew up with were unhealthy and has further led to a pause in the evolution of one’s values. They never questioned their values. Instead, they simply bought into them early in their lives and created their life around those valued. Now that you have a clear idea about the value, you can see the values upon which you have created your life. You can see whether those values contribute to your dissatisfactory life or bring happiness. And see which aspects of your life contribute to your unhappiness—your career, marriage, lifestyle—and ask yourself what values underlie those parts of your life. Like I can say if your career in the business world makes you unhappy—no judgment intended, you need to ask yourself what values you have held that led you to a career in business and how those values presently cause you to be an unhappy success.


Dr. Veena Kurre 
Professor and Head 

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