Web Designing- A Complete Information

Web Designing- A Complete Information

What is Web Designing Everyone wants to make their own identity in the world of the Internet? In such a situation, if you have any website, then it works as your identity.

You can make an identity of yourself by promoting yourself on any website or blog. Today’s article is going to give information on Web Designing kya hai- What is Web Designing in Hindi. So friends, read this post of ours completely till the end.

What is Web Designing?

Web design is only one type of process. Planning is done keeping in mind the different parts to make the website. Then after that, the website is created in different designs according to the plan.

While designing the website, it is seen how much information is available, and which content should be said. And how will it appear according to the user? All these things are taken care of. Only after that, the website is designed.

What does the user want on the website? Who designs the website keeping all these things in mind. That is what is called a good website designer.

To design the website, text, color, font style, column size, sidebar, layout design in any webpage. web designer fixes all these things. in which CSS (Cascading style sheet) is used. The web page is designed by embedded in an HTML document.

What is important to learn to design a website?

Building a website has become very easy. Nowadays many tools are available on the internet so that you can create a website very easily and in less time without programming.

But if you guys want to become professional web designers. Do you guys want to design any website? And also understand the function of that website. You need to have a little bit of programming knowledge.

By the way, there are many technologies for website designing. But it is necessary to learn what is given below first. eg:-

This is a hypertext markup language. After learning HTML, the layout of the website means that the structure of the website is prepared. It is very easy to learn this. With HTML, you can create web pages in less time.

After learning, HTML, it is very important to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). The use of CSS makes the website colorful. It is easier than learning CSS HTML. It is necessary to learn CSS and HTML together. One cannot learn either of these. It is important to learn both of these.

It is not necessary to learn JavaScript much. But it has a good website design with HTML and CSS. But if you want to add some function to your website. Such as contact form, registration form, etc. Then after filling it and submitting it, the data gets submitted. All this work is done only with the use of JavaScript.

javascript For this jquery is used. This javascript is very easy. There is no need to write much code of javascript in this. All its codes come in a single line.

Tools used in Website Design?

By the way, there are many tools to design a website. For example, different tools are used to do some coding, or for design. Every website designer chooses the tools according to his own.

Some popular web designing tools are given below.

•    Coding text editors
•    Notepad++
•    Dreamweaver
•    Designing tools
•    Corel Draw
•    Photoshop
•    Web browsers
•    Firebox
•    Safari
•    Chrome
•    Opera

Types of Web Designing

What course you have to do to become a Front End Web Designer and what you have to learn for this, you will know further.

Web Designing can also be done in another language. But PHP is an easy language for this. With this, designing a website on WordPress can also be taught.

The most used data is Mysql. After learning this, the data of the logo can also be stored on the website.

Benefits of Web Designing Course

•    By this, you can also earn money by designing your website.
•    You can also open your institute by doing Web Designing Course.
•    You can also learn Marketable Skills by doing the course.
•    You need limited knowledge to do the Web Designing Course.
•    You can learn Web Designing Course in less time.

We hope that all of you have liked our what is Web Designing. We always try to give as much information as possible to all of you. In this article, we have tried to give you all kinds of information.

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