Publications / Research Paper

Sr.No Details Topic Faculty Name
1 Research Paper Identification of periodicity in solar wind parameters using empirical mode decomposition and lomb S periodogram Deepak Kumar Sondhiya
2 Research Paper Storm time variations in component of Interpplanatary Magnetic field and solar wind parameter during solar cycle 24 Deepak Kumar Sondhiya
3 Research Paper Study of ionospheric plasma changes in relation to the 2016 AI Hoceima-Morocco earthquake, Mx 6.4 Deepak Kumar Sondhiya
4 Research Paper Wavelet Coherence and Cross Wavelet Analysis of Sunspot Number and Other Solar Activity Parameters. Compliance Engineering Journal. Deepak Kumar Sondhiya
5 Research Paper A Review: Strong Immune System And Nutraceutical Ingredient As A Preventive Mechanism Against Covid-19. Journal Muktshabd. Meghna Dubey
6 Research Paper Technological Up-Gradation of Grey Water Treatment System. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research. Varsha Nigam Gour
7 Research Paper Hospital Acquired Infections (HIA): Control and Management. Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research Varsha Nigam Gour
8 Research Paper Physicochemical & Mechanical Investigation of Algal Species. Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences. Varsha Nigam Gour
9 Research Paper Coronavirus (COVID-19) in India: Present Situation. Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences Varsha Nigam Gour
10 Research Paper Wavelet-based Multi-scale Resolution Analysis of Interplanetary Magnetic Field. Science Journal. Deepak Kumar Sondhiya
11 Research Paper A Preliminary Study on Habitat Ecology of Mahseer (Tor tor) in Western Zone of NArmada River and its Tributaries. International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology. Shriparna Saxena
12 Research Paper In Vitro Plant Germination, Micro propagation and Plantlet Formation of Withania somnifera (L.). Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology. Varsha Nigam Gour
13 Research Paper Study of phase relationship of Sunspot Numbers with F 10.7 cm Solar Radio-Flux and Coronal Index using Wavelet-Transform technique. Journal of Indian Geophysical Union. Deepak Kumar Sondhiya
14 Research Paper Discrete Benzotriazole-Copper(II) Complexes in Chelated and Non-Chelated Coordination Modes: Structural Analysis and Catalytic Application in Click and A3 Coupling Reactions. Europian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. Sharmila Pandey
15 Research Paper Fine Structure Analysis of Very Low Frequency (vlf) Transient Observed by Demeter Satellite Using Wavelet Transform. SAGE International Journal of Science and Engineering. Deepak Kumar Sondhiya
16 Research Paper A Review: Strong Immune system and Nutraceutical ingredient as a preventative mechanism against covid -19. Mukt Shabd Jounal Meghna Dubey
17 Research Paper Codon Usage Analysis of Flavivirus. SAGE International Journal of Science and Engineering. Anjusha Mune
18 Research Paper Conservation of Mahseer Fish in Madhya Pradesh by following M.I.R.A.C.L.E strategy. Science Progress and Research. Shriparna Saxena
19 Research Paper Changes in Diversity Patterns of Fish after Construction of Sardar Sarovar Dam-A case Study of Barwani District M.P. India. International Journal of Life Sciences. Shriparna Saxena
20 Research Paper Design Optimization in Patch Feed Line of a Circular Patch Antenna Array. 7th International Conference on Computing in Engineering & Technology (ICCET 2022). Tarun K. Kanade
21 Research Paper Optimization of growing conditions, substrate-types and their concentrations for acclimatization and post-acclimatization growth of in vitro-raised flame lily (Gloriosa superba L.) plantlets. Vegetos. Ashok Kumar Khandel
22 Research Paper Strategies of pretreatment of feedstocks for optimized bioethanol production: distinct and integrated approaches. Dr. Abhineet Goyal
23 Research Paper Virtual Justice system in India an opportunity or danger. Applied Forensic Research Sciences. Ms Tanushree Dheer
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