R & D Projects

Sr.No Title Name Agency Name Amount Cuirrent Status Remark
1 Development of Microbial Consortia for Biorecovery of Less Abundant Minerals from Copper and Zinc Ore Mines Located in Madhya Pradesh-Maharashtra Region Dr. Rohit Sharma DST-SERB 88.4 L Submitted
2 Developing Benzotriazole-Based Tridentate Ligand Platform for Base Metal Coordination toward Sustainable Catalytic Applications Dr. Sharmila Pandey CSIR 23.7 L Submitted
3 ''Designing Multidentate Ligand Templates on Benzotriazole Backbone with N and O Donor Pendants: Evaluation of Stereoelectronic Influence and Catalytic Benefits of Copper and Ruthenium Complexes" Dr. Sharmila Pandey DST-SERB 18.3 L Sanctioned Dec. 2020 to Dec. 2023
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