MFA Computer Graphics


This two year master degree program focusing on animation and visual effects in computer graphics is an artistic specialization course designed to train designers in digital animation and visual effects for film, television, audiovisual productions and the web to blend digital technology, manual reproduction, cultural know-how and creative capacity. Computer animation and Visual effects are part of the creative and operative resources often used in the creation of movement, action and narration.

This course puts emphasis on teaching how to produce animation and young designers must use their theoretical knowledge to develop content (conceptual study and psychological analysis, history of cinema, analysis and writing of film expression, deep understanding of the process of animation, historic and cultural environments) and their hands-on technical abilities to design and create their own animated products (storyboarding, creating animated sequencing, 2D compositing and 3D software utilization).


     2 Yrs    4 Sem     15

    Career Opportunities :

    •  Digital Effects Animator
    •  Lighting Artist
    •  Composition Supervisor
    •  Pipeline Technician
    •  Texture Artist

    Syllabus & Scheme :

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