About SAGE School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences provides courses interacting with the society and people around. The UG Course is a 3 years (6 semesters) course with a specialization offered in the areas – Sociology, Psychology, History, Political Science and Public Administration. The PG Course is a 2 years (4 semesters) course in areas including Sociology, Psychology, History and Political Science. The curriculum of the programs offered by our school that we execute covers more than 90 percent of the course content or syllabus of Union Public Service Commission or State Public Service Commission. Which can help students achieve their career goals. Our school designed the courses according to NEP 2022 and aims to teach students with new prospects and approaches to understand the society better and gain knowledge.


To offer education in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences with a dynamic, collaborative and inclusive community of learners.


  To offer an inclusive culture that connects innovative teaching and learning, research across discipline and civic engagement in a holistic manner.

  To advance knowledge that engages in critical social, psychological, historical and political inquiry extending knowledge to enrich individual and public life.

  To value system which places scholarship, local and global engagement services and social responsibility as core values.



Dr. Veena Kurre

SAGE School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you, to the modern, secure, vibrant and contemporary campus of SAGE. The SAGE school of arts humanities and social sciences, Founded in 2020. The school committed to respecting human rights and is taking meaningful action to address the global human rights issue of modern slavery. As a student in this school of arts and humanities, you can now embark on that journey and ask challenging questions, find out what really matters to you, learn about the world as it is and imagine the world as you think it ought to be. The course offered by school Undergraduate course, Postgraduate course,Research degree. Foundational courses, such as History, Sociology, political science, Psychology, Public Administration are firmly anchored in the arts tradition. All these courses will engage you in the practices of inquiry and contemplation, which are the tools necessary for the creation of new knowledge and learning. We I believe teaching methods of Art education foster self-knowledge and empower the individual to deal with the complexity of our globalized world. The school provides an interdisciplinary arts education .Faculty chosen from some of the best institutions across the country, facilitate rigorous classroom study combined with experiential learning. We always promote leadership through excellence in teaching and research. We use multidimensional approach, combining the expertise of scholars for teaching. We make better lives by producing leaders of society and equipping our people with leadership qualities so they can serve our communities at every level. From school outreach programme to professional development for teacher. We have arrange of activity to engage the school community. You will engage with the vibrant learning community of students, faculty and staff at our schools in the SAGE campus. And you will explore the campus and the surrounding area for places of relaxation, creativity, amusement and sports. Good luck and safe travels in this pilgrimage of mind, heart and spirit.

Advisory Board :

Dr.Pradip Nandi

Director General
National Centre for Human Settlements & Environment