Publications / Research Paper

Sr.No Details Topic Faculty Name
1 Research Paper 2021. Conservation of an endangered medicinal plant Mallotus philliprenesis through plant tissue culture techniques. Environmental protection: critical perspective on science and literature published by tradition publisher (UK, USA & GERMANY) with ISBN 978-3-347-27115-9 Jaya Sharma.
2 Research Paper Nikita Rai, Jaya Sharma and Sehba Jafri. 2021. Nonverbal Communications Through Bioindicators, Naveen Shodh Sansar, Vol 1 Issue XXXIV. ISSN : 2320-3767 Nikita Rai, Jaya Sharma and Sehba Jafri
3 Research Paper S. Srivastava , Z. Usmani , A. G. Atanasov, V. K. Singh, N. P. Singh, A. M. Abdel Azeem, R. Prasad , G. Gupta, M. Sharma, A. Bhargava,. Biological Nanofactories: Using Living Forms for Metal Nanoparticle Synthesis. Mini Rev Med Chem, 21(2):245-265, 2021(SCI Impact factor- 3) Dr. Govind Gupta
4 Research Paper Chaudhary T., Dixit M., Gera R., Shukla A.K., Prakash A. Gupta G. and Shukla P. Techniques for improving formulations of bioinoculants: a review" in 3Biotech, Springer 10 (5):199. doi: 10.1007/s13205-020-02182-9 (SCI Impact factor- 3) Dr. Govind Gupta