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About Sage School of Language

The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies was established with the aim of promoting the study of language, literature and culture.   It also aims to provide the students of this region with opportunities to recognize and face the challenges of globalization in their personal and public lives.  At the School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, we strive to enhance the students’ literary sensibilities and insights through interdisciplinary modes and methods inherent in the very concept of this School. 

Training in foreign languages will help in meeting the increasing demand for competent communicators in the workplace and will help students to develop a variety of skills necessary in the professional world. Training in foreign languages will also help in fulfilling the increasing demand for graduates having a strong and broad base in cultural knowledge relevant to global changes in the age of information.

The different units of the School offer a variety of programmes in diverse subjects. There are Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma of Proficiency programmes in foreign languages like French Spanish Japanese& German. The School offers BA (Hons.), MA and PhD programmes in English and Hindi. SSLL&CS aims to produce the very best scholars in the fields of language teaching, linguistics, literature and culture studies, as well as internationally acclaimed translators and interpreters.


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